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Nurture Marathi Language Akshar

Nurture Marathi Language Akshar (Mulakshare) | 3 to 5 Year Old

Nurture Marathi Language Shabd Olakh

Nurture Marathi Shabd Olakh Book

Nurture Marathi Akshar Lekhan Book for Kids 4 to 6 Years Old

Marathi Words and Alphabets Writing Book | Read and Practice Marathi Mulakshare Book

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Nurture Marathi Language Akshar Lekhan | Marathi Alphabets and Words Learning Books for Kids | 4 to 6 Year-Old Children | Reading and Writing Marathi Mulakshare

Target’s Nurture Marathi Aksharlekhan is a meticulously designed picture book to introduce tiny tots to the Marathi Alphabet. Each page has a colourful background and illustrations to engage children. The book begins with 11 pre-writing strokes to introduce kids to the basics of writing letters. There are 46 practice boxes for each letter to provide ample practice. Directions to write every letter are provided in large and bright letters to make it easy for children to finger trace and learn. Every letter is accompanied by 2 relatable examples. Activity sheets are included at the end of the book for revision. Loaded with bright colours and ample practice, this book encourages kids to learn Marathi. Grab your copy now to jump-start your child’s learning journey with Target!

The salient features of Marathi Akshar Lekhan are as follows:

  1. Lay the foundation for learning: Target’s Nurture Marathi Aksharlekhan is the perfect start for early learners from the age of 2–5 years to learn how to write Marathi.
  2. Pre-writing skills: In order to write, it is important for kids to grip and move a pencil properly. Keeping this in mind, we have made sure to include 11 key pre-writing strokes. These strokes will enable fluency in writing the alphabet.
  3. Big and bright font: Every letter is introduced in large fonts for easy memorization and identification.
  4. Directions to write: These big and bright letters have directional indicators inside. Kids can map and trace all the letters with their fingers. This technique will give early learners a sensory learning experience.
  5. Colourful examples: Eye-catching examples accompany every letter to help children with object recognition. They can also boost their vocabulary.
  6. Writing Marathi Letters independently: Each letter has 46 boxes for tracing and freehand writing practice. By continuously tracing the letters, kids not only learn how to write but also develop muscle memory. After the tracing practice, your child can write the letters independently in the freehand writing space.
  7. Interactive activities: This book is more than just a writing practice book. With exciting activities, kids can polish their writing and learning skills. These activities will help them to apply and revise all they have learnt.
  8. Reading practice: After getting acquainted with the Marathi Mulakshare, the next step for kids is to learn how to read. They can do so by reading the labelled examples of objects beginning with the respective letters.
  9. Make writing practice a blast: Practising a few letters per day with Nurture Marathi Aksharlekhan will ensure learning is a fun experience for kids. 
  10. Get your little scholars this extraordinary book and they will master the skill of writing Marathi Mulakshare!
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