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Nurture Marathi Language Akshar

Nurture Marathi Language Akshar (Mulakshare) | 3 to 5 Year Old

Nurture Marathi Language Shabd Olakh

Nurture Marathi Shabd Olakh Book

Nurture Marathi Akshar Lekhan Book for Kids 4 to 6 Years Old

Marathi Words and Alphabets Writing Book | Read and Practice Marathi Mulakshare Book

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Nurture Marathi Language Akshar Lekhan | Marathi Alphabets and Words Learning Books for Kids | 4 to 6 Year Old Children | Reading and Writing Marathi Mulakshare

Alphabets makes the very begining of language learning in children which later help transform them into words and sentences. The alphabets in Marathi are known as ‘Moolakshar’. Marathi Akshar is a part of ‘Nurture Series’ comprising of preprimary books for kids by Target Publications. The book is meticulously designed as Marathi Alphabet Book to introduce tiny tots to Hindi Alphabets. The objective of the book is to build a strong foundation for kids in learning Marathi.

The salient features of Marathi Akshar Lekhan are as follows:

1. Each page includes colorful background and illustrations to engage children
2. The book begins with introduction to strokes to build basic foundation in writing Hindi letters
3. The book includes Marathi alphabets to acquaint kids to the basics of language learning
4. 47 practice boxes for each letter to provide ample practice
5. Directions to write each letter is provided to make it easy for students to practice
6. Each alphabet comprises of two distinct pictures to aid kids relate to the letter
7. Worksheets are included at the end of the book to provide revision

This book is loaded with ample practice and colorful illustrations presenting a perfect combination to encouraging kids to learn Marathi. We sincerely hope that this book with their intriguing layout and content would keep children engaged and would become a stepping stone for young minds to build their Hindi vocabulary.

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