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Std 8th Marathi Grammar and Writing skill

Std 8th Marathi Grammar and Vocabulary Book | Marathi Vyakaran Book for English Medium

Std 7 Perfect Notes Maths and Science Books. English and Semi English Medium. Maharashtra State Board

Std 7 Perfect Notes Maths and Science Books | English and Semi English Medium | Maharashtra State Board | Includes Textual Questions, Activity based Questions, Topicwise Summary and Assessment | Based on Std 7th New Syllabus | Set of 2 Books

Std 10th English Writing Skills Book for English Medium | Based on Board Paper Pattern

SSC English Writing Skills Book | Helps with Writing Skills and Creative Writing | Maharashtra State Board

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Did you know that questions based on ‘Writing Skills’ cover 25 marks out of 100 in your Std. 10th English board exam! And more often that not, students get quite blank due to lack of creative ideas to approach a particular topic. The only solution to that is reading & practice.

Target’s Writing Skills book solves the big problem for you. The book covers multiple topics of writing skills that will help you approach the 25 marks in your exams more confidently. At the start of each topic is an explanation of the topic to enable students to understand it well. There are also some useful tips to attempt the questions. There are various solved examples in each topic to help students get more practice of every topic. We have covered relevant textual questions in each topic. Moreover, even board questions from 2019 to 2022 pertaining to each topic have been solved within the topics itself. At the end of each topic, we have provided some practice questions for students’ writing practice. The answers to these questions too have been provided via QR code given below the index.

As a bonus, we have also covered with solutions, the ‘Unseen Passages’ for comprehension & summary which are asked in the exam for 15 marks. So, overall, the book covers 40 marks out of a total 100 marks of your board exam. A student studying from this book will gain confidence to tackle any type of writing skills & unseen passage question in the board exam.

So, don’t think any further. Go for this book today.

  • Covers multiple topics of writing skills according to the syllabus of 10thstandard Maharashtra State Board
  • Each topic starts with explanation and useful tips to attempt a question
  • Multitude of solved questions have been provided under each topic
  • Practice questions have also been provided for students’ practice along withsolutions
  • Board Questions from 2019 to 2022 have been covered in each topic
  • All textual questions relevant to the topic have been included
  • Covers ‘Unseen Passages’ as well for summary & comprehension
  • Overall, covers 40 marks out of 100 marks in the board exam
  • The book will help students gain the required confidence to approach questions based on Writing Skills
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