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Jumbo English and Hindi charts combo of 2

Jumbo English and Hindi Alphabet and Numbers Charts for Kids (English Alphabets and Hindi Varnamala - Set of 2 Charts)

Number Writing Books for Kids 1 to 20

Number Writing Books for Kids 1 to 20 | 3 to 6 Year Old | Learn and Practice Numbers and Numbers in Words for Preschool Children

Nurture Hindi Learning Book for Kids | Learn Practice Read and Write Hindi Alphabet, Barakhadi, Varnamala

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Nurture Hindi Alphabet and Words Learning Books for Kids | 3 to 6-Year-old | Practice Hindi Varnamala, Barakhadi, Akshar/Letter and Shabd Gyan | Hindi Language Reading and Writing Books with Pictures for Children | Set of 3 Books

Target’s Nurture Hindi Learning Bundle: Making Learning Hindi Fun and Easy for Kids!

Key Features of Each Book:

Nurture Hindi Varnamala:

  • Big and bold letters for easy identification.
  • Relevant examples accompany each letter.
  • Interactive tracing for hands-on learning.

Hindi Akshar Gyan:

  • Develops fine motor skills with 11 key pre-writing strokes.
  • 44 practice boxes with directional indicators for letter writing.
  • Encourages muscle memory through tracing dotted lines.
  • Illustrated examples for object recognition.

Hindi Shabda Gyan:

  • Breaks down vowels (Swar) and consonants (Vyanjan).
  • Covers Barahkhadi, Sanyukt akshar, and Sanyukt vyanjan.
  • Vibrant illustrations and dotted lines for word tracing.
  • Enriches vocabulary through joyful poems.

Highlights of the Books:

  • Interactive Learning: Fun activities like connect the dots and coloring make Hindi revision exciting for kids, keeping them involved.
  • Perfect LEarning Tool: Perfect for early learners, it guides from pre-writing strokes to word formation, breaking down Hindi learning into manageable steps.
  • Educational Value: Fosters letter recognition, writing skills, and word formation. Connects letters to everyday objects, enhancing vocabulary through engaging poems.
  • Appealing Design: Vibrant illustrations and dotted lines capture attention, encouraging independent practice with ample writing space.
  • Holistic Learning Experience: Balances fun with structured learning, cultivating a love for the Hindi language and its elements in young learners.
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