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Best JEE-Mains Physics Exam Preparation Books & Other Study Materials By Target Publications

JEE (Main) stands for Joint Entrance Examination Main. It is a national-level engineering entrance examination in India conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission to undergraduate engineering programs in various Indian institutions. It is a computer-based test (CBT) that assesses students' knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. 


JEE Main Physics is the Physics portion of this entrance exam. The syllabus for JEE Physics is the same as CBSE classes 11 and 12. JEE Main questions are asked from a wide range of topics such as Current Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism, Optics, Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation, Communication Systems etc.


The JEE (Main) Physics question paper can be difficult to crack. To score well in the exam, it is crucial for aspirants to know the chapter-wise weightage, as it provides them with an idea about the importance of each topic. The graph below shows the JEE(Main) Physics chapter-wise weightage.


Aspirants need the best for JEE (Main) physics books to prepare for the exam.

What are the Best Study Materials for JEE (Main) Physics?

In order to prepare for the JEE (Main) Physics exam, candidates require the best JEE (Main) books for Physics. They should contain JEE (Main) Physics notes, important questions, MCQs and previous years’ questions. Furthermore, students should take offline or online JEE (Main) mock tests.

Why Target Publications' Books for JEE (Main) Physics Exam Preparation?

More than 10,00,000 students from pre-primary to degree use books published by Target Publications. It is renowned for its expertise in producing high-quality JEE-Mains books. Our team of experienced educators ensure that the books are updated as per the latest syllabus. Students can easily buy JEE (Main) books online or from any local bookstore.


Target Publications additionally provides digital learning via Quill - The Padhai App. It has a digital library which provides e-books and online mock exams for the JEE (Main).

The Best JEE (Mains) Physics Books by Target Publications

Target Publications offers the best books for JEE preparation for Physics, which includes the Absolute series, Challenger series and the book of JEE (Main) Numerical Value Type Questions.

The Absolute Series and Challenger Series

Absolute Physics (Volumes I & II) and Challenger Physics (Volumes I & II) by Target Publications are the best books for JEE (Main) Physics preparation. Absolute Physics Volumes I & II have more than 8,000 topic-wise MCQs while Challenger Physics Volumes I & II have over 3,800 MCQs to increase an aspirant’s degree of preparation.

Features of the Absolute and Challenger Series:

Features Description
Time Saver Quick methods for solving numericals
Smart Tip Theoretical or formula-based short tricks
Smart Code Mnemonics created for selected concepts
Caution Visual understanding of a concept or activity via video/PDF
QR Codes Visual understanding of a concept or activity via video/PDF
Examples To elucidate a concept using theory, MCQ or numerical questions
Clock symbol Instructs students to solve MCQ apace by applying either smart tips, Time saver or thinking hatke.
Connection To interlink concepts covered in different chapters
Thinking Hatke Quick-witted approach to crack questions
Learning Pointers Compilation of additional notes which involve a fusion of two concepts from different chapters or come as indirect extensions of subtopics
Gyan Guru Real-life examples related to the concepts
Knowledge Badhao Additional information relevant to the concept for better understanding


JEE (Main) Numerical Value Type Questions (NVT) Book

Target's JEE (Main) Numerical Value Type Questions (NVT), which has more than 2,300 numericals, intends to provide students enough practice so they may gain the necessary problem-solving skills for the JEE (Main) exam. It covers Mathematics, Physics as well as Chemistry.


For systematic preparation, all questions are arranged by chapter and topic. The book also includes Hints for challenging problems, Caution Section to provide tips and Alternate Method, which showcases a secondary approach to the answer.

FAQs for JEE-Mains Physics

Target Publications’ Absolute and Challenger books are the best books to study for the Physics section of the JEE (Main) exam. With a healthy mixture of multiple choice questions ranging from easy to difficult, quick notes to revise and past JEE questions, they contain everything a candidate needs to secure excellent scores in the JEE exam.
To choose the right JEE Physics material for studying, consider the following:
  • Ensure the material covers the entire JEE Physics syllabus
  • Look for well-explained concepts, solved example and practice questions
  • Opt for a material that includes previous years' JEE Physics questions
  • Choose material from renowned publishers or trusted coaching institutes for reliable content
To excel in your preparation, focus on improving your conceptual understanding of the NCERT class 11 and 12 Physics textbooks. Watch educational videos that cover relevant topics for better understanding. Clarify your doubts with your professors to ensure you have an accurate understanding of the question as well as the solution. Practise solving multiple problems from each and every topic, and solve previous years’ questions. Consistent practice will lead to continuous improvement and better performance.
The difficulty level of the Physics section in JEE exams is considered to be moderate.
While NCERT books for classes 11 and 12 are essential to understand concepts of Physics, you need ample practice to master them. Target Publication’s Challenger series for Physics offers ample challenging practice MCQs for this purpose.