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Best JEE-Mains Chemistry Preparation Books & Other Study Materials to Score JEE-Mains 2024-2025 Exam

JEE (Main) (Joint Entrance Exam Main) is a highly competitive engineering entrance exam conducted in India. It is a computer-based test that consists of multiple-choice questions covering physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

JEE (Main) Chemistry refers to the Chemistry section of this entrance exam. It covers various topics from the three major branches of Chemistry: Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. JEE (Main) Chemistry questions are based on the syllabus of NCERT class 11 and class 12.

What are the Best Study Materials for JEE (Main) Chemistry?

Selecting the best JEE study materials for Chemistry can significantly impact your level of preparation. These books should include JEE (Main) Chemistry notes, MCQ Books with Solutions and Previous years’ questions (PYQ). Furthermore, solving online/offline JEE (Main) Chemistry mock tests can boost their level of preparation.

Why Target Publications' Books for JEE (Main) Chemistry Exam Preparation?

With almost 2 decades in academic publishing, Target Publications has established a reputable name for all kinds of learning materials from preschool to college, especially for JEE (Main). Every title adheres to the official updated syllabus and is revised in accordance with the most recent exam pattern. Moreover, Target Publications offers students self-paced learning via Quill - The Padhai App, which grants access to a digital library as well as online JEE (Main) mock tests.

The Best JEE (Main) Chemistry Books by Target Publications

Target Publications is renowned for its comprehensive study materials, practice papers, question banks and guidebooks designed to help students excel in their academic pursuits. It has developed a range of study materials for JEE (Main) Chemistry preparation. They are designed to help students grasp the fundamentals and develop problem-solving skills necessary for the exam.

Books published by Target Publications for JEE (Main) Chemistry include the Absolute series, Challenger series and JEE (Main) Numerical Value Type Questions Book (NVT).

The Absolute Series and Challenger Series for JEE-Main Chemistry

Target Publications’ Absolute series and Challenger series are the best books for JEE preparation for the Chemistry section. Over 8,300 multiple-choice questions, ranging from easy to difficult, are covered in the Absolute series for Chemistry. Challenger Chemistry, carrying more than 4,000 MQCs, is for students who wish to train themselves for challenging questions.

Features Description
Latest Solved Question Paper Question Paper from the latest JEE exams provided with Answers and Detailed Solutions
General reaction Includes a simplified organic reaction of compounds having same functional group
Strategy Illustrates a step-wise solution
Smart Tip Theoretical or formula-based short tricks
Caution Warns students against commonly made mistakes
Smart Code Mnemonics created for selected concepts
QR Codes Visual understanding of a concept or activity via video/PDF
Solved Examples Helps you hone your problem-solving skills
Clock symbol Instruct students to solve MCQ apace by applying either Smart Tips, Time Saver or Thinking Hatke
Connection To interlink concepts covered in different chapters
Thinking Hatke Quick-witted approach to crack questions
Remember This Includes key points, important reactivity orders, exceptions, point of difference and misconceptions
Gyan Guru Real-life examples related to the concepts
Knowledge Badhao Additional information relevant to the concept for better understanding


JEE (Main) Numerical Value Type Questions (NVT) Book

With more than 2,300 numericals, Target's JEE (Main) Numerical Value Type Questions (NVT) aims to give students adequate practice to develop the problem-solving abilities required for the JEE (Main) test. It covers Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

All of the questions are categorised by chapter and topic. Additionally, the book includes Caution section which alerts students about commonly made mistakes, Hints for difficult problems and Alternate Method, which illustrates a different method to the solution.

FAQs for JEE-Mains Chemistry

1. How many questions are there in the JEE (Main) Chemistry paper?

Ans: The JEE (Main) Chemistry paper consists of 30 MCQs, of which 20 are theory-based and 10 are numericals. All theory-based questions are compulsory. Of the 10 numerical questions, applicants are expected to attempt 5. Aspirants will be given 4 marks for every correct answer, while 1 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

2. Which books should I refer for JEE (Main) Chemistry?

Ans: You should refer to NCERT’s Chemistry textbook of Class 11 and 12 as well as Target’s Absolute series for Chemistry. NCERT’s books are essential for understanding the concepts while Target’s books will help you practise the application of those concepts.

3. Is NCERT sufficient for the JEE (Main) Chemistry?

Ans: Even though NCERT is a must-have for JEE (Main) Chemistry, candidates still need to practise solving multiple choice questions to increase their accuracy and speed. Hence, they also need NCERT Exemplar. But to solve different types of MCQs in time, Target's Absolute and Challenger series will offer ample practice MCQs as well as time-saving tips.

4. For JEE (Main) organic Chemistry, is it enough if you study NCERT?

Ans: Studying the NCERT textbook for organic Chemistry is a good starting point for JEE (Main) preparation as it covers the essential topics required for the exam. However, it's important to note that JEE (Main) is a highly competitive exam, and the questions can be quite challenging. While NCERT covers the basics, it may not be sufficient for thorough preparation. It is advisable to supplement your studying with additional resources and practice materials like the Challenger series for Chemistry by Target Publications. Not only does it cover MCQs from every topic but also time-saving smart tips, thereby increasing your efficiency from the exam perspective.

5. Is Inorganic Chemistry more important for JEE (Main)?

Ans: Inorganic Chemistry is an important component of the JEE (Main) exam, but it is not necessarily more important than the other branches of Chemistry (Physical and Organic). To excel in the JEE (Main) Chemistry section, it is crucial to allocate sufficient time and effort to all three branches of Chemistry.

6. Is the Chemistry section in JEE (Main) easy?

Ans: The difficulty level of the Chemistry section in JEE (Main) varies every year. Overall, many students perceive the Chemistry section as relatively easier compared to the Physics and Mathematics sections. However, it is important to note that "easy" or "difficult" is subjective, and the level of difficulty can vary based on individual strengths, preparation and understanding of the subject.