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Colouring Book

Blossom Jumbo Colouring Books Combo for Kids | 5 to 8 years old | Level 2 and 3

Birds coloring book for kids

Bird Colouring Book |Art Book and Fun Activity Book for Kids

Vegetable Colouring Book |Art Book and Fun Activity Book for Kids

Vegetable Information, Unique Colouring activity Book for Children

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Vegetables are things that kids are most fussy about. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way by which we could generate kids’ interest in veggies? Well, we at Target Publication have found a way through our latest offering - ‘Vegetable Colouring Book’.

The book is not a run-of-the-mill colouring book where kids have to just colour veggies using crayons. This book is really unique. This book lets kids use actual vegetables along with colours to colour multiple objects given in the book. E.g.: Colouring honeybees using onions & colours. Can you imagine that? Well, that is why we said that the book is really unique. There are 22 such amazing colouring activities in the book where kids get to use multiple vegetables and colour objects. To guide kids, we have also provided guidance videos which can be accessed via QR code given one the first page of the book.

Kids are going to love this book for its uniqueness and parents will love it for giving their kids a beautiful introduction to vegetables. So, don’t think any further. Go for the book today!

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