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Blossom Hindi Rhymes Book for Preschool Children| Part B | 3 to 7 Year Old

Blossom Phonics Introduction

Blossom English Alphabet Phonics Book for Kids and Babies | 2 to 5 Year Old

Blossom English Alphabet and Number Learning Books

Blossom English Alphabet and Number Learning Books | 3 to 5 Years Old Kids Learning Alphabet and Numbers | Includes Fun Activity with Colourful Pictures

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Blossom English Alphabet and Number Learning Book with Colourful Pictures for Babies | 2 to 5 Year Old Kids | Introduction to ABCD Alphabet and 1 to 20 Numbers

Alphabets form the basic aspect of language learning for kids. However, visuals play a strategic role in engaging children in the learning process. Target Publication’s Introduction to Alphabet & Numbers is a picture book that lays down the fundamentals of alphabet learning with enticing visuals thereby instilling in kids the curiosity to learn.

Salient features of Introduction to Alphabet & Numbers  (Picture Book) are as follows:

1. The book begins with an introduction to alphabets and later to numbers
2. Includes one alphabet in every page represented with realistic images to help children relate to the alphabets.
3. The book ends with worksheets to render practice to kids

This book is loaded with ample practice and colourful illustrations presenting a perfect combination to encourage children to learn write alphabets through pictures. We sincerely hope that this book with their intriguing layout and content would keep children engaged and would become a stepping stone for young minds.

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