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Std 7 English medium English Balbharati Workbook

Std 7 Perfect English Balbharati Workbook | English Medium | Maharashtra State Board Book

Std 7 English Medium Entire Set Workbooks

Std 7 Perfect Entire Set Workbooks | English Medium | Maharashtra State Board Books

Std 7 Perfect Notes Entire Set Books | English Medium | Maharashtra State Board

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Std 7 English Medium All Subject's Perfect Notes | Based on Latest Maharashtra Board Syllabus | Includes Textual Question Answers, Lesson-Based Questions, Oral Tests, Activities & Projects, Vocabulary & Grammar, Assignment Tests & Writing Skills

Target Publications’ Perfect Notes Entire Set of 7 Books for Std. 7 (English Medium) includes student-friendly notes for English, Hindi, Marathi, Mathematics, General Science, Geography, History and Civics. They are updated as per prescribed Maharashtra Board Textbooks.

The Book Features:

  • For revision, Short Introduction, Summary/Paraphrase, Glossary, Idioms and Overview in the form of pointers, tables, diagrams and flowcharts are provided.
  • As per the CCE Pattern, each book is divided in Summative and Formative Assessments.
  • In Summative Assessment, the notes have exam-ready solutions to all the Textbook Exercises, Lesson-Based Questions, Grammar and Vocabulary as well as Practice Questions.  
  • In Formative Assessment, Apply Your Knowledge, Oral Tests, Activities and Projects are covered.
  • All prose and poetry including Language Study and Writing Skills are included in Language Books.
  • Chapter Assessments are also provided.
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Subject English, Hindi, Marathi, Maths, Science, History and Civics, Geography
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