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Hindi Books for kids

Hindi Gyanvatika 1 and 2 Book | Hindi Learning Book for Kids | Set of 2

Hindi Varnamala (Alphabets), Barakhadi, Shabd Gyan, Sanyuktakshar Gyan, Vaakya Gyan Practice Books for Kids

Hindi Sulekh Learning and Writing Books for Beginners with Activities | Set of 5 books

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Are you looking for comprehensive Hindi learning books for kids to introduce them to Hindi alphabets and numbers? You're at the right place!

Hindi Sulekh Book Kit - pack of 5 Hindi writing books have been designed to get the little ones acquainted with the letters of the Hindi Varnamala and Hindi numbers.

This set of Hindi alphabet writing books for kids will be their first companion for Hindi writing and will help them to easily write, recognise and remember the Hindi alphabets and the words associated with them. 

Key features of the kit include : Introduction to strokes and directions to write each letter and number | Set of 5 books that include letters, words, matras, composite letters, conjunct consonant and numbers (1 to 30) | Distinct examples for each alphabet using colourful images | Improves handwriting | Encourages independent learning | Best suited for kids of 3 to 7 years 

A terrific combo of Hindi books for kids, Hindi Sulekh Book Kit helps in improving various skills including pencil control, creativity and hand-eye coordination.

This kit will facilitate understanding, reading and writing of Hindi alphabet and numbers for kids along with building words, and sentences.

Get Hindi Sulekh Book Kit today and watch young minds build their Hindi vocabulary with ease!

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