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Keen Little Kuku Story Book Introduction

Keen Little Kuku an Alphabet Letter Story Books | Learn Alphabet and Words for Kids with Stories

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Keen Little Kuku - A Alphabet Story Book and ABCD Colouring Book for Kids

Perfect Bedtime Stories and Colour Alphabets Activity | Read and Practice| Set of 2

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Do you want to introduce your kids to Alphabet in a unique way? Are you looking for a ABC storybook? No worries.

Target presents ABCD Alphabet Colouring Book and Keen Little Kuku - A thoughtful combo to help your kids learn Alphabet in a fun way.

Salient Features of the book : Vibrant, lively illustrations & lovable characters, 100+ large pictures for easy colouring, Introduces kids to multiple objects beginning with each letter, Fun activities in the book to add an extra dose of enjoyment for kids.

ABCD Colouring Book introduces kids to basic colours used in colouring and helps them in letter recognition. It is one of the best Alphabet coloring books for kids aged 2-6 years.

Keen Little Kuku is a storybook with pictures based on each alphabet which makes learning alphabet easy for kids. It is an ideal bedtime story book for kids.

Learn the alphabet, colours, animals, adjectives and much more in these combo books. 

Act before it's too late. Order this unique combo of Alphabet letter story book and ABC colouring book for your kid now!

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Subject Alphabet Story and ABCD Colouring Book for Kids
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