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96 General Knowledge Flash Cards for Kids

Flash Cards for Kids | 96 Non Tearable and Water Resistant Cards | 1 - 6 Year

64 Hindi varnamala flash cards

Hindi Flash Cards for Kids 1 - 6 Years | Hindi Varnamala with Pictures 64 Thin Non Tearable Cards

Flash Cards for Kids | 160 Non Tearable and Water Resistant Cards | 1 - 6 Year

A to Z Alphabet, Numbers, Domestic and Wild Animals, Fruits and Vegetable, Flowers and Birds Flash Cards | Kids Learning with Fun | Early Childhood Education

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Flash Cards for Kids | Combo Pack of 160 Non Tearable Cards | A to Z Alphabet, Numbers, Animals, Fruits, Vegetable, Flowers and Birds | Kids Learning with Fun | 1 - 6 Years | Early Childhood Education

Make your kid's study time more fun, interactive and efficient with flashcards!

Children start learning from the time they are born. In the formative years, they learn at an unimaginable rate and it is this learning that becomes their foundation for the future. They absorb better when they visually observe something. And, that's what makes flashcards one of the most effective tools for teaching a young child and helping them remember it too.

Educational sight-words flashcards for children are a tried-and-tested study method. Dissimilar to textbooks and workbooks, flashcards allow children to remember and recall answers much faster through repetition.

Children are more likely to participate in class when they are confident, they know the answer. Encourage your little curious learner to dive into learning and give them a head start before they get to school.

Improve your kid's retention and concentration.

This set of two flashcard packs contains a total of 160 flash cards including alphabets, numbers, shapes, colours, fruits, vegetables, flower, birds, wild animals, and domestic animals' names with pictures which is a great resource that aids in child's cognitive development. It is an effective tool for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning of kids and builds their knowledge repository. Target's Flash Cards are the best way to introduce your child to the basics and build a strong & solid foundation. Learning Will Become So Much Fun!

The pack of flashcards for toddlers will turn the learning into an exciting game that they'll always want to play. You'll be so delighted!

The kindergarten double-sided printed flashcards are not only the best educational tools to teach your children but these cards can also be helpful in playing a wide variety of teaching games to provide your little one an entertaining way to memorize while having fun whether at school or home.

Home-schooling, pre-schooling, and pre-kindergarten learning become even more exciting and effective with these educational flashcards for kids keeping them hooked by making study sessions enjoyable.

Give your kids the gift of knowledge! Add this pack of flashcards to your cart TODAY!

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