Blossom Colouring Book B1 and B2

Blossom Colouring Book for Kids B1 and B2 | 4 to 7 Year Old | Combo of 2 Books

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101 Activities Book for Kids | Fun Activity Book for Preschoolers

Blossom Colouring Book for Kids C1 and C2 | 4 to 7 Year Old | Combo of 2 Books

Crayon and Pencil Coloring for Nursery and Kindergarten Children

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Visual learning is one of the most important aspects that contribute to a child's early development. Simple drawing & colouring activities help children to develop cognitively, psychologically and creatively. Target's Blossom Colouring Books - C (Part 1) and C (Part 2) combo is a part of a six books combo. Blossom Colouring Book - C (Part 1) will help kids understand complex forms and shapes in their immediate surroundings. Blossom Colouring Book - C (Part 2) will help kids understand the nuances of using multiple colours in an object. The idea behind the books is to introduce kids to the advanced colour combinations, improve their finger control & let them to enjoy the process of filling colours in a pre-defined space. The books have excellent paper quality. Each picture given in the book has thick borders for ease of colouring. A reference image also has been provided next to each picture for guidance to kids. Go for Target’s Blossom Colouring Books today to introduce your kids to the lovely world of colouring!

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