What seems easy is usually the toughest. This stands true for Entrance examinations that comprise of MCQs. Multiple Choice Questions are one of those categories of questions that seem to be easy on viewing and the toughest when solving.

does this happen?

The root of this illusion goes back to
school days wherein students find answering objective questions easier when equated
to other types. And thus, candidates end up taking MCQ type of questions
lightly and feel the blow when attending the entrance examination. So how to
get off the phobia of solving MCQ questions and get through the exam with ease?

To begin with NEET, MHT CET and JEE Main happen to be the top entrance examinations which are appeared by lakhs of students across the country. Though all examinations are conducted for availing admission to different courses, one common thread that connects the three and interestingly all entrance exams are the MCQs. Each paper comprises of Multiple Choice Questions with the options constructed in a manner confusing the students much more.

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of answers

With time, the complexity of competitive aspects of examinations has turned higher. While previously the MCQ questions comprised only of a single type of questions, now candidates are also bombarded with graphs, scrambled images and pictures under MCQs. The type of MCQ which is asked in the entrance examination are those wherein the examinee is required to choose one from the options listed.

So, here in this blog, we have jotted down a few well-researched tips and tricks for solving the MCQ questions:

1. Elimination theory

One of the most preferred method and also helpful when one is faced with tough questions. So herein, the candidates can go through all the answers and pick out the wrong answers first and then reach to the correct one.

2. Listen to the inner wisdom – Intuition

We all are harboured with an inner tutor who is an expert in guessing what is right and wrong. This tutor is none other than intuition. However, not often does conventional wisdom aid in coming out right. In case of NEET, JEE Main as well as MHT CET, students are habituated answering same options throughout often avoiding never, above all, always and never.

3. Prepare well

One can never master anything in life without preparing and practising well. Thus before attempting the actual examination go through the myriad of Mock Tests and Online Test Series conducted for different exams. It will help give a good practice to the user, help them in learning time management as well as understanding one’s weakness and strengths.

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4. The more you guess, the more you will be confused

Guessing the answer for the entrance is no less than getting hypnotized. The more you look into the question, the more you will be left confused. Thus, do not fall prey to this. If you are not 100% sure of the answer, and there is negative marking to it, it is better to leave the question and move on to the next. However, you can always try a few tricks to handle the questions. But if it takes more time for you to guess, better avoid answering instead of lowering your marks. The same goes for mathematical sums which are too long or number-based.

For example – You are given the options of 1661, 1166, 1616, and 6161, it is just to check your alertness. Students often end up picking the wrong ones in the case they are given the right options. Taking up the JEE Main Online Test and Mock Tests would aid in staying alert and choosing the right answer.

5. Be abreast with your study material

The best way to crack any entrance
examination is by being abreast to the concept and basics. Read through the
books for MHT CET, NEET and JEE Mains well in order to get a good insight about
the topic. Refer for different MHT CET Study Material, or JEE Main Books before
appearing for the either examination. You can also refer to the Video lectures
in which they render information about how to go about handling the MCQs. They
can be a good way out of trouble!

quick tips for solving MCQs

  • Try to attempt as many questions as possible
  • Leave out those you are doubtful about
  • Equate every question property before answering
  • Opt for the longest answer, they are often right as the examiner avoid twisting long answers much
  • If you think the first option is right, do check whether the last option mention all of the above
  • Read the question twice before ticking the right answer
  • Listen to your gut and if not turn towards your knowledge of the subject
  • Apply True or False method in case you are facing a negatively worded question
  • Analyze well before choosing
  • Go by your intuition. The first pick is often right.
  • Last but not least, stay calm and confident. A calm mind can pick answers easily.

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