Dear friends,

It seems like a usual year when your child jumps from Std 9th to Std 10th. Every family member is so excited and at the same instant, you feel nervous. You stroll on a street or go to a shop. You go to market or work. All the people you meet, ask you the same question:

'How is your child's study going on?'
'How many hours does he study?'
'What percentage did he score in the last test?'

Then, your phone rings up. All the relatives are extremely eager to congratulate your child for being in Std 10 and start bombarding you with the same questions. This makes you feel excited to motivate your child but you ultimately land up pressurizing your child to score excellent grades. So how should you, as a parent, motivate your child to study?

Every parent wants his child to score well in this career-defining year. But, WAIT! There are certain methods you need to adhere to for pushing your child to the next level. You can't just keep on yelling the same orders time and again.

Why are you wasting your time?
Give me your mobile phone!
I will uninstall all your apps now!
Why are you sleeping?
Get up!

Oh My God! So many instructions at a go! Won't it make your child irritated eventually disobeying our orders? This adolescent stage of your child is a very crucial stage and you need to handle it efficiently.

Here's how:

Converse with your child like a friend. This is the right time to befriend your ward. Be free with your child and sometimes appreciate him/her for his mischief. All of us were once mischievous and have bullied our friends in our childhood days. So just relax and interact like a friend. That is the only reason I have referred to you as 'Dear Friends' at the start.

Parents play a vital role in a child's life. Strengthen the bond between you and your child.

The way you talk to your children becomes their inner voice.

This stage tests the parents as well. Here, you have to play different roles in your child's life.

Play all these roles very effectively and meticulously. Do not force your child to score the marks you desire for. Marks are just numbers. Marks don't indicate how intelligent your child is. Everyone's scoring capacity is unique. Not every child can score 95% in board exams. So, motivate your child to study instead of being over-ambitious.

Let's look at some examples:

Did you recognize them?
YES! They are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, the co-founder of Apple and the co-founder of Microsoft respectively. But why did I share this example with you?

Here’s why:

Both of these great personalities were once college drop-outs and yet today, they stand out as one of the most successful people in the world. Scoring low grades in board exams doesn't mean your life is ruined. Try making your child study as per his capacity instead of focusing on the results. All your child needs is your support.

Haven't you always sacrificed everything for your child? Now is the time, to sacrifice your TV shows just to provide them with a conducive environment. De-stress your child by being in conversation with him/her. Do not create a serious environment at home. Also, do not over-schedule your child's activities. Give them some time to relax and play.

Who else can understand your child better than you? Try to apprehend their problems and the cause of their stress? And YES! I know the biggest devil and the biggest problem you face is- MOBILE PHONES!

Your concern could be:

Inappropriate sleeping hours of your child,
Low level of concentration,
Wasting time on social networking sites

And everything due to a single mobile. So this might be the reason, you need to scold your ward every-day. However, scolding your ward makes him turn a deaf ear to your instructions and continue browsing on mobile. So, how should you efficiently handle this situation?

Show these images to your child.
What would his/her reaction be after viewing these images?
How attracting and appealing these images are!
Will your child feel lazy to grab the mobile phone?
Will he/she say that 'Let me sleep for an hour and then I will take the phone for playing?'

Obviously Not!
Now, one last question. Ask him, why he cannot treat his life as important as a PUBG game or an Instagram notification? Life is ultimately nothing but time and when you waste an hour of your time you waste a percentage of your life.

How you spend an hour determines how you spend a day, determines how you spend a year, determines how you spend your life. How amazing will your child's future be if he studies now! 

What your child does today will determine what he will be 10 years later.

Make him realize it. Not by scolding but by talking patiently like a friend. And I am sure, he will surely stop playing on a mobile phone. It always takes time to come out of one's own comfort zone but, your child will definitely make it possible.

Understand your child's concern. Probably, he was studying on his mobile phone.
There are two types of children. Those who are inquisitive to know more and therefore they use mobile phones to browse through Google or YouTube videos to clarify their concepts. Do not try to stop their inquisitiveness. Instead, let them explore the world.  

The other types of children are the ones who want to use mobiles for everything else except studies. If your kid is one of those, don't worry, motivate them to use mobile phones for studying starting with at least half an hour daily and gradually increasing their studying time on mobile applications.

As you are aware, in today's technological world, studying with the aid of technology is indispensable. Hence, I would strongly suggest you buy Target eBooks powered by Lazy Bone Innovations so that you get the best content easily on your mobile. Isn't that an amazing technique to make your child study without snatching his/her mobiles?

So what are you waiting for? Buy now!

'Parents are the first teachers in their child's life.'

In a Nutshell:

  • Be your child's friend.
  • Focus on your child's study and stop being over-ambitious.
  • Identify your child's problems.
  • Give your ward proper breaks.
  • Take good care of your child's health.

Thanks for reading it friends. If you feel there's more to contribute I would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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