The word ‘Exam’ is enough to raise alarm in the minds of students. To begin with, exams can turn out to be quite a fun period if you look at them through the lens of positivity. However, if you perceive it as the majority, then it might surely seem to be the most stressful thing. Of course, we don’t deny that exams can be a tedious quest.

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So, are you feeling chills going down your spine?
Do you feel your heartbeat rising in pace?
And does the thought of the future keep you awake?

Well, these are signs of panic attacks and anxiety that is a common trait among students of the present generation. The reasons are plenty ranging from peer pressure, parental pressure, the pressure of society as well as the worry of gaining admission. However, let’s see how you can turn it into your advantage. 

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SSC Board Exams

weekly plan for students

SSC board exam is the first time when a student experiences the kind of chills in comparison to any other exams. The reason - Its the first time when a student competes with a large set of competitors in comparison to all the years of school when their major contemporaries were their classmates. Herein trying to gauge the competitiveness and competence of other candidates is almost impossible. This is where the fear creeps holding the placard of whether you can stand up to the expectations of the society, school, parents as well as oneself.

As per studies, exams tend to be one of the primary causes of stress among students. This is quite inevitable considering the quest of obtaining good scores to enter a good college in the desired field and much more.

So, if you are here reading this article, that surely means you are looking out for ways to manage exam stress. Well, we ensure you this article won't disappoint you and by the end of the read, you will surely find yourself boosted with the confidence of coping exam stress impeccably. So, if you are appearing for Std 10th board exams in 2020 here’s presenting tips to manage stress during SSC board exams.

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Here are a few more tips for managing stress:

  • Embrace positive thoughts: Make sure you are in a calm and positive mood before you start studying. Be confident and believe in yourself.
  • Get organized: Time management is crucial. Prepare a time-table or schedule for each day with realistic goals. Also, make a revision time-table. Once you revise you will have more confidence.
  • Calm your body: Do some exercise. Take proper rest and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Follow a Balanced diet
  • Study in peer groups (with friends)

Make mind maps 

mind maps for studies

An ideal way of remembering answers is to attach the topics to things and stories which you can relate too. For example, using stories as a metaphor for the topic will make your mind more active in remembering things than just reading it. This is why cheat notes are most recommended even by experts when preparing for the exam. 

For example: When learning the Periodic table, you can link the elements with images or things that correspond to them. For example, oxygen with air, fluoride with toothpaste, arsenic with a poison bottle, etc. These images will make it easy for you to retrieve information at a fast pace than rote learning.

Tips to follow during Exam

Dissecting the question is immensely important. If you are given a question analyze it further. Often one main question has multiple sub-questions hidden within. This is possible only when you put in all your senses into the question. Revise the questions in the format of sub-questions.

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Secondly, look for what is asked in the question. Whether you are asked to explain, draw or give a reason. Each term is different from one another. And thus, if you are given a lengthy question, look for these three aspects and accordingly go on to answer it.

Stick to using normal vocabulary

simple language

Often you may find the urge to showcasing your verbal proficiency. But the SSC board exams is not the right place for it. Besides, dropping in a few fancy words in your essay can be impactful but the same can turn menace if its with other subjects like History, Geography or Science. So, do not dive in panic by sneaking through the thesaurus a night before. Instead, just relax, understand the core of the question and answer it in your own words, without deviating through the central concept. Demonstrating the meaning is more important than the words themselves.

Moreover, ain’t exam the platform to judge how much have you understood the topic rather than merely concentrating on scores?

Written Practice

importance of writing practice

SSC board preparation is all about striking the right balance between reading and writing practice. Mind you, none are less important nor can be avoided if scoring a respectable percentage is your motto. So, read it twice, write it thrice, self assess your exam preparation and re-strategize. Following this simple process will not only glue the answer in your mind but also build a general understanding of the entire concept that you can later write in your own words.

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Take the support of references

references for study material

Std 10th reference materials are like soldier cells in our body that work in tandem to keep you healthy. In the case of Std 10th, study materials present a platform to practice for gaining additional insight into the subject which might have gone amiss during the first read.

Thus, carrying out practice backed by reference material for SSC boards can help you gain a better practice as well as help in managing time during the exam. Well, won’t this reduce your stress levels to a great degree?

Practice Sample and previous year papers

sample and previous year papers

If you practice using sample SSC board papers or previous year papers of SSC boards, that will be cherry on the cake. These papers are set in a similar format as that of boards aiding students to understand the SSC board paper pattern, the types of questions and most importantly the weightage of each question. As SSC is the first time, a student goes outside of their alma mater to attempt the exam, the practice of previous year papers will help immensely.

Looking for Std 10th notes and study material which can ease your preparation? Why not check out Target Publications’ Std 10th offerings for English, Marathi and Semi-Marathi medium. Each note is curated to meet the needs of students and match their level of understanding. The use of lucid language, ample practice questions, and detailed marks distribution turns it into a one-stop solution for all SSC board candidates. Check out the Std 10th study material by visiting our official website.

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Lastly, before concluding here are a few quick tips to crack SSC board exams and techniques to follow during the test:

  • First attempt questions that you are confident about.
  • If you find yourself stuck in a question, mark it and return after answering others.
  • Learn time management. Use time wisely. Finishing your paper early will not gain you extra brownie points.
  • Do not spend more than 2 minutes on a question.
  • Recheck once again before you submit the answer sheet.

Target Publication follows the core value of making SSC ekdum tension free. And this is what our notes are prepared on. We present an ample amount of SSC study material that touches every aspect of complete learning. Whether it is sample questions, model papers, notes, or Important question bank. Here are our SSC boards offerings:

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Previous year Board questions: Similar to sample papers, the duration of previous year boar questions presents acquaintance for students with the actual pattern of questions.

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