It has been well over a month since the last paper
of HSC
2019 was conducted across the state of
Maharashtra. Thousands of students appeared for what is considered as the
second most important academic milestone. They primarily belonged to three
streams of education namely, Science, Arts and Commerce. A measurable chunk of
HSC students belong to the background of commerce and study related subjects as
part of their Junior College curriculum.

Most students begin the year of HSC Board Exam by conducting intensive research about the syllabus, reference material and previous year’s question papers. If you are a commerce student, the first thing would be to zero in on the most recommended SYJC commerce books. Divide your time in accordance with the level of difficulty of each subject that makes up a part of your syllabus and begin your preparatory journey.


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Throughout the year students have to study subjects such as Economics, Organizational Commerce, Secretarial Practice, Accountancy and so on for the HSC examination. On completion of the exam, students have ample amount of time to decide which course to do before the HSC board exam results are announced. Quite often with students tend to get confused and are not able to decide which course to pursue after Std. 12th. At such a time, knowing your options serves best and taking that thought forward, here are some courses that you as an HSC student can consider.

1. Bachelor of Commerce

By far the most commonly chosen course by HSC students. It is a three-year-long degree course which gives students an overview of the entire gamut of the field of commerce. Students must view this course as a foundation for higher courses such as Masters in commerce, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) both for two years each and so on. Pursuing this course alone can also set you on a career path in the Admin or Accounts department of either a Government or a Private firm. Other fields that you can work for would be in Management, Banks, Business Consultancies, Budget Planning, Multinational Companies and so on. Your salary will depend on which field you take up and gradually increase with your work experience.

2. Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountancy is seen as a golden career opportunity by many students who appear for the HSC board examination. In order to pursue this course, you have to appear for an entrance exam and clear three levels to become a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The three levels that one must clear are namely, Common Proficiency Test (CPT), IPCC Intermediary level and the CA finals. On clearing these three levels, aspirants are awarded the prestigious title of ‘Chartered Accountant’ and can opt from a number of exciting fields to practice their degree in. A CA can be a Financial Officer, Tax Consultant, Auditor or an Advisor. As you gain experience you can start an independent practice by consulting a great number of clientele. On average the salary packages range anywhere from 7 lakh – 24 lakh per annum, making this professional course truly coveted.

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3. Bachelors in Business Administration

BBA is a three-year-long degree course which is meant to offer HSC students with the right kind of tools to lay a foundation in the field of business. You can take up this course if you wish to study the fundamentals of business and financial management of the company. The subjects taught herein equip aspiring business entrepreneurs and managers with the skill set that is required to run and develop a thriving business. Students who hold this degree stand a great chance to get employed in MNCs both in India and abroad. Additionally, you stand to be employed in Banks, Industries, Export Companies, Marketing Organizations, Financial Companies and so on at managerial level positions. Such job opportunities offer candidates with a starting salary of 2 to 3 lakh. Doing an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) can help you draw a better starting salary of around 5 to 6 lakhs per annum.

4. Law

The importance of law is increasingly becoming relevant in both the private fields as well as civil life. Similarly, firms and companies, as well as governments, are on the lookout for individuals who will ensure that all their policies comply with the Indian Laws. This makes LLB or Bachelors in Law quite a popular course among HSC commerce students. This graduate course makes you adept in matters of Company Law, Taxation Law, Baking Law, Property Law and so on thereby getting your jobs in Private firms as well as government ones alike. This course would deem you a lawyer under the Bar Council of India. Salary ranges anywhere from 3 lakh to 6 lakh on the basis of whichever lawyer you are under.

Apart from these, there are quite a few emerging
courses that you opt for which can get you a salary up to 12 lakh per annum
with experience:

  • Company Secretary Course
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Bachelors in Management Studies
  • Bachelor in Computer Applications and IT
  • Hospitality Diploma Course
  • Film Making and Visual Animation Course

Once you appear for the HSC examination, you have
approximately two months for the HSC exam result to be realised. Many students utilise
this time to decide their career paths, prepare for entrance examinations or
enrol into summer courses. One place where many students encounter great
confusion and difficulty is choosing the right career for themselves. It’s a
common notion that one must choose commerce to become a Chartered Accountant
after HSC. This isn’t essentially the case as the scope for students after HSC
in commerce is quite wide and full of options as you have read in the article

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