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    MHT-CET PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology) Previous Solved Papers PSP
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    MHT-CET PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics) Previous Solved Papers PSP
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    20 Years MHT-CET Mathematics Previous Solved Papers PSP (2004-2023)
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    MHT-CET Triumph Mathematics and Solutions to MCQs Books for 2023-24 Entrance Exam
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    MHT-CET Triumph Mathematics Solutions to MCQs Book for Engineering 2023-24 Entrance Exam
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    MHT CET Maths Book Engineering and Pharmacy Entrance | 11th Syllabus | Maharashtra Board
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Best MHT CET 2024-2025 Exam Mathematics MCQ Books,  Previous Years' Solved Papers, Model Question Papers, Test Series & Other Study Materials

MHT-CET Mathematics is Paper 1 of the Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test (MHT-CET)—an entrance exam for admissions to various pharmacy, engineering and agriculture courses within Maharashtra. This paper is compulsory for those who opt for the PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) group during the application process.

The MHT-CET Mathematics paper comprises 50 multiple-choice questions, each carrying 2 marks. Thus, it accounts for 50% of the total 200 marks.

A total of 6,36,089 candidates registered for MHT-CET in 2023 alone. Factoring in this increasing competitiveness of the exam, students require only the best study materials to prepare for the MHT-CET.

Everything You Need to Prepare for MHT-CET Maths

The most important resource to prepare for MHT-CET Maths is the Maharashtra Board Mathematics textbooks for standards 11 and 12. But to secure the best scores, you will also require MHT-CET Maths books containing practice multiple choice questions, time-saving tricks and past MHT-CET solved question papers. Lastly, you have to take as many offline and online MHT-CET Maths mock tests to polish your speed and accuracy.

Why Choose Target Publications to Prepare for MHT-CET?

Every year, more than 1 million students trust Target Publications for educational resources from pre-primary to college. But in 2006, we launched the first dedicated reference books for MHT-CET. With over 17 years of experience now, our team of experts has created the best MHT-CET books. This has earned us the trust of not just students but educators and parents as well. All our MHT-CET Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry titles strictly follow the latest syllabus and are revised according to the latest exam paper pattern.

But that’s not all! Through our Quill - The Padhai App, students can access an exclusive e-library along with the Online MHT-CET Test Series.

The Best Books for MHT-CET Maths by Target Publications

Whether a student requires last-minute notes, practice MCQs or mock tests for MHT-CET Maths, Target Publications has it all.

The Triumph Series for Maths

Loaded with subtopic-wise practice MCQs and quick revision notes, MHT-CET Triumph Mathematics is the best book for MHT-CET Maths.

MHT-CET Triumph Mathematics comprises three distinct variations:

Features of MHT-CET Triumph Mathematics:

Feature Description
Quick Review Summarises the key points in a chapter through tables and charts.
This section is meant for quick referencing and last-minute revision.
Classical Thinking An objective section under each sub-topic with simple, straightforward concept-based MCQs.
Critical Thinking In this section, you will find moderately difficult application-based MCQs.
Concept Fusion These MHT-CET Maths questions are complex in nature, requiring the combined knowledge of 3–4 concepts.
MHT-CET Solved Papers MHT-CET previous years’ Maths question papers from 2 shifts are provided with Solutions and Hints (step-wise solutions).
Evaluation Tests Helps students gauge their chapter-wise preparation.
Model Question Papers Prepared according to the latest MHT-CET paper pattern, these model papers give students much-needed practice so they can complete their papers on time.
Shortcuts Time-saving tips and tricks to solve questions.
Real-world Applications Highlights how concepts apply in the real world.
Thinking Hatke Discover unique techniques of solving MHT-CET Maths MCQs efficiently.
Caution Helps you avoid commonly made mistakes.
Answer Keys The Answer Key to all the questions is given at the end of the book. For solutions and detailed solutions, you can scan the QR code at the end of each chapter.


The answer key, solutions and detailed solutions to all the questions and question papers in MHT-CET Triumph Mathematics (Std. XI and XII) are also available in the paperback MHT-CET Triumph Solutions to MCQs.

MHT-CET PCM Solved Papers 2023 by Target Publications

Access solutions to all 12 shifts of the MHT-CET 2023 in the MHT-CET PCM Solved Papers 2023. Every MHT-CET Math question paper in the book is entirely original and not memory-based.

Get never seen before insights into the difficulty level as well as the pattern of the questions asked in the exam through the chapter-wise and difficulty-level trend analyses. To make cross-checking and referencing easy, concepts have been mapped near each solution against the relevant chapter and subtopic/exercise from the government textbook. Performance booster Smart Keys have been added, too. Track your progress with the help of the Evaluation Scorecards.

MHT-CET 20 Years Previous Solved Papers

Spanning 2004 to 2023, the MHT-CET 20 Years Previous Solved Papers Mathematics is a collection of all past Maths MHT-CET papers with solutions. We have filtered in only the MHT-CET Maths PYQs that are relevant to the latest MHT-CET Maths syllabus so you can prepare with a focused approach. The chapter-wise, topic-wise and year-wise MHT-CET PYQs—coupled with the MHT-CET Maths 2023 Chapter-wise Weightage Analysis—offer eye-opening insights into the important topics. The added score-boosting tips and tricks make it the best book for MHT-CET Maths.

MHT-CET Test Series for Maths

Target Publications’ MHT-CET Maths Test series has gradually increasing levels of MHT-CET Maths practice tests. One thousand five hundred and thirty MCQs are covered across 24 Topic Tests, 8 Revision Tests and 5 Model Tests. Topic Tests will help you evaluate your chapter-wise preparation. Revision Tests—carrying questions from 3 to 4 topics—train the brain to seamlessly process questions from different topics simultaneously. The Model Tests are designed as MHT-CET Maths sample papers to help you build the necessary speed so you complete your paper on time. Answer Keys are given along with Detailed Solutions for difficult questions.

MHT-CET 21 Question Paper Set by Target Publications

Want to fix your spot as an MHT-CET top scorer? Then practise with the MHT-CET 21 Model Question Papers (PCM). The book has 21 full-length practice tests in line with the latest MHT-CET Paper Pattern. Each test covers the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Solutions are provided for cross-verification. Use the step-by-step explanations to tackle complex MCQs. But that’s not all! Get the exam-like experience when you practise solving the original previous years' MHT-CET question papers from 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Write Your Success Story

Whether you’re a topper or a backbencher, you have the potential to do well academically. Helping you unlock that potential to reach success is what drives us. It’s why we craft each book with you, the student, in mind. So you can write your success story, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions about MHT-CET Maths

1. Which topic in Mathematics has the highest weightage in MHT CET?

Ans: The topics in Mathematics that have the highest weightage in the MHT-CET are those from Calculus. These include Indefinite Integration and Definite Integration.

2. How many questions will be asked from the standard XI Mathematics textbook in the MHT-CET Maths section?

Ans: According to the MHT-CET circular, 10 questions will be asked from the standard XI Mathematics textbook in the MHT-CET Maths section.

3. How many questions will be asked from the standard XII Mathematics textbook in the MHT-CET Maths section?

Ans: Forty questions will be asked from the standard XII Mathematics textbook in the MHT-CET Maths section as per the MHT-CET circular.

4. How should I prepare for MHT-CET Mathematics 2025?

Ans: To prepare for MHT-CET Mathematics 2024, you must first go through as many previous years’ MHT-CET question papers as possible to decode the most important topics. This will also help you get familiar with the MHT-CET Paper Pattern and difficulty level. Now you can prepare a study schedule and practise solving problems consistently. Solve as many practice questions, mock tests and past papers as possible. You can find all of these in Target’s MHT-CET Triumph Mathematics book.

5. What are some good books that cover MHT CET Mathematics syllabus?

Ans: Some good books that cover the MHT-CET Mathematics syllabus are the Maharashtra Board textbooks of standards 11 and 12. Target’s MHT-CET Triumph Mathematics book also covers the entire MHT-CET Mathematics syllabus through concise notes and practice questions.