offers a foundation for kids in their overall development. Ideally, a child is
enrolled in preschool during the age of 2.5 to 4 years before their actual
years of learning begin. While the ideal theory of preschool happens to be a
place where kids are sent to play, it is far more than what meets the eye. So
here this article we dedicate to the tiny tots who would be soon enrolled to
preschools or are on the verge of joining preprimary elucidating the benefits
and what are the essentials to take care of when enrolling them to schools.

According to researchers, a child’s overall development happens by the age of 1 and it's on its peak during the age of three almost 90%. It’s no doubt that these tiny munchkins are a storehouse of energy filled with immense curiosity and zest to learn life. And thus, the right kind of schooling both through the medium of early enrollment to Montessori as well as learning at home can lead to greater progress in the long run.

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How does early preparation aid kids?

1. Destination for building an early foundation

Starting early aids in building a strong foundation for learning. They are enhanced in their cognitive thinking, language and rendered an overall moulding of the kid. Hence, for this reason, early preparing of your child using proper tools for studying and understanding becomes immensely necessary.

2. Sending to Preschool which is more than just a playhouse

Students are taught to become ready for their elementary schooling. Kids are foremost taught to interact with other kids and socialize beyond their family. It creates a good ground for enabling them a platform to grow their skills, learn new games, interact, build knowledge and attitude. More importantly, they are given a medium to go beyond their comfort zone and take the first step towards communication.

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3. Read and write new skills

much as reading and interacting help kids, writing also plays an equal role in
building their cognitive and motor skills. Compared to yesteryears, kids today
have an enlarged exposure to different tools for learning. These include
phonics, alphabets learning, mathematics and activity books which students can
find to be extremely pleasing to the eye and for learning.

from the advantages posed by enrolling to a preschool, parents can start early
learning by carrying on interactive sections, getting your kids books for
drawing, coloring that will make them more curious about learning.

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4. Boost math and literary-skills

aged 3 to 5 years show enhanced curiosity in learning math and literary-skills.
Learning rhymes, alphabet song following picture book and indulging in a
variety of games enables them in building a good connect between alphabets and
sounds profound.

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