How to tackle Chemistry for NEET UG 2019? Tips to Study and Preparation Strategy


With hardly a month remaining for the NEET UG 2019, the level of pressure is all set to go high. The NEET UG paper comprises of 3 subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology. If one has to rank the subjects based on their level of difficulty starting from the least to highest it probably will go this way – Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The Chemistry paper comprises of 45 questions for a total of 180 marks.

Chemistry is one such subject which is moderately difficult. Moreover, as per experts, it is also one of the most scoring subjects if studied with full concentration and steady mind. After Biology if anything can fetch you good scores, that would be chemistry for sure. However, the sail through the storm of preparation can go well only if the student is persistent in their approach.

So, herein are suggested a few study tips and preparation strategy using which you can tackle the NEET UG Chemistry paper with ease.

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Know about the Important Topics:

Whether you are preparing for NEET UG or any other entrance examination, the foremost aspect is getting acquainted with the topics in the subject. The NEET syllabus for Chemistry is divided into three parts namely;

  • Physical Chemistry – This part mainly comprises more of numerical and the primary focus herein must be on calculations and applying of concepts.
  • Inorganic Chemistry – This part lays emphasis on the basic concepts of chemistry topics viz. periodicity, the structure of compounds, electronic configuration and their hybridization.
  • Organic Chemistry – This part includes the study of reactions and its outcome. The subject includes different types of reactions, its mechanisms, and other essential concepts.

Each part of the subject is given equal weightage in the NEET Exam. However, knowing exactly what each of the sections offers can help in easing the preparation process thereby building a proper strategy.

Tricks and Tips to NEET UG exam preparation

1. Books – an all-time best friend of humans

Books are the best friend of man. This quote stands true for every individual, especially for students. The first thing which students often do even before going through the syllabus is to browse for the best books for NEET UG.  However, choosing the best book does play a great role in acing the NEET exam preparation. There are numerous books in the market and choosing the best out of the lot is essential. The book must be concise, written in simple language which can ease the process than complicating the topics further.

However, it is also necessary to not refer to many books but few instead that offer compiled information useful for learning the subject in a comprehensive manner. You can check out our website and get a sneak peek for NEET UG Chemistry books that can kickstart your preparation towards success.

2. Look into the past

While its said past is bygone and in the ride towards success, one must only look ahead. Yet in case of exam preparation, the past does hold key to future in the form of previous year question papers. The past year question papers hold key secrets which can be used during the preparation process. Go through previous year questions at least 5 years from the present.

You can view through the pattern of questions asked and get a sneak peek of which topics or questions have been repeated. Through this one can get a good idea about which topics hold more weightage and need greater attention.

3. After a sneak peek, solve them

Solve as many previous year papers as possible along with attempting the online test series and mock tests. Also solving the questions given in the NCERT books will render you a deeper idea about the subject.

If you wish to ace your strengths further, you can do join our NEET UG Online Test Series.

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4. Revise by taking Mock Tests Online

The NTA has resolved this worry to a great extent by introducing Mock test centers at different locations across the country. All the student needs to do is register oneself with the test centers and they can access the online mock tests. The very reason for starting with the mock tests is to acquaint the students with the examination.

There are numerous mock tests available on the internet. You can also check our website for Chemistry NEET UG Mock Test.

Last but not the least practice. There is no easier way other than to practice that can sail your boat through the stormy sea of worry.

5. Few Extra Tips and Tricks:

  • Chemistry is usually regarded as the toughest one falling in between Physics and Biology. On the contrary, it is the easiest one which can be aced by a thorough revision of individual chapters and topics.
  • Elaborately read through the concepts and later on solve the MCQs and objective questions given in the question bank.
  • Solve as many previous year papers as possible to get a sneak peek to understand the type of topics which has maximum questions asked.
  • Create a chart with all the formula and periodic table for the purpose of memorizing.
  • Revise topics which are difficult, you find tough every day.
  • Revise on topics including p-block chemistry, coordination chemistry for ensuring maximum retention.
  • As the pattern of the NEET UG examination is based on the syllabus of CBSE, referring to NCERT will deem much clarity to the concepts.
  • For better assistance add additional study materials which offer elaborate insight into the NEET UG Chemistry Syllabus. However, refer to a few books and not too many as it will only increase the confusion further
  • Approach easier sections first and then move to difficult ones instead of going the other way round.
  • Start with Physical Chemistry first and complete the next two sections of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry by practicing the MCQs, and question paper banks.

Preparation for entrance examination is a continuous process which needs perseverance and dedication. Because there is no better trick to pass any test other than PRACTICING every day. If you are still confused about where to find perfect Best books for NEET UG and other subjects, visit our website today. We have a wide range of best chemistry book for NEET UG along with Online Test Series and Mock Tests which we have meticulously compiled to offer you the best reference material for cracking the NEET UG entrance.

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