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Hindi Gyanvatika 2

Hindi Learning Book for Kids | Gyanvatika Level 2 Hindi Workbook

Hindi Learning Book for Kids | Gyanvatika Level 1 Hindi Workbook

Hindi Writing Book | Poems, Swar, Numbers, Matra, Colouring and Other Acitvites

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Hindi Language Learning Book for Kids (Gyanvatika) | Level 1 Workbook | Comprises of Hindi Poems / Kavita with Pictures, Swar Vyanjan, Matra Practice, Numbers in Words, Chitra Varnan, Colouring and Other Activities

What is the best time to introduce children to a language? Right now! Hindi Gyanvatika 1 will teach kids Hindi through simple entertaining activities. From letters to numbers and colours to days of the week, each lesson focuses on the development of strong concepts and reinforces it with fun riddles, activities and happy rhymes perfect for young learners. Play and learn with Target!

The salient features of Blossom Hindi Gyanvatika 1 are as follows:

  1. Learning Hindi is made fun with Target’s Hindi Gyanvatika 1. This book is specially designed for kids aged 5–7 y
  2. Introduction to Hindi Varnamala: It introduces kids to the Hindi Alphabet (Varnamala) in through writing practice.
  3. Directional indicators: The book has big, bold fonts with directional indicators. Kids can easily finger-trace them to understand how to form Hindi letters properly. This will also help them distinguish and identify each letter.
  4. A step-by-step guide to writing letters: Tracing lines in the writing section will guide kids on how to write letters neatly.
  5. Word formation: Exercises based on word formation are given. Kids will learn new words as they fill in the blanks with a letter to form a word.
  6. Read and recite: To prepare children holistically, we have included cheerful rhymes and short stories. Reading rhymes and reciting stories will not only develop speech but also bump up their vocabulary.
  7. Entertaining activities: Loaded with amazing activities like puzzles, riddles, mazes and colouring, this book promotes active learning that kids will enjoy.
  8. Learn the fun way: Bright colours and vivid illustrations in the book keep kids interested and curious to learn more.
  9. Lessons for life: Interesting lessons will help kids develop good habits from an early age. Coupled with the moral stories, lessons and poems, kids get a holistic approach to learning.
  10. Help kids build a solid foundation of the Hindi language with Hindi Gyanvatika 1 from Target.
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