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Hindi Gyanvatika 2

Hindi Learning Book for Kids | Gyanvatika Level 2 Hindi Workbook

Hindi Learning Book for Kids | Gyanvatika Level 1 Hindi Workbook

Hindi Writing Book | Poems, Swar, Numbers, Matra, Colouring and Other Acitvites

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Hindi Language Learning Book for Kids (Gyanvatika) | Level 1 Workbook | Comprises of Hindi Poems / Kavita with Pictures, Swar Vyanjan, Matra Practice, Numbers in Words, Chitra Varnan, Colouring and Other Activities

Language makes the core of learning. Additionally, alphabets and phonic form the basics of language learning for a child which later leads to word formation. Target Publications’ Hindi Gyanvatika 1 is part of the Hindi Gyanvatika Blossom series, which is meticulously designed with the aim of presenting to students a platform to instill in them the curiosity for learning thereby aiding to strengthen their foundation in the Hindi language.

The salient features of Blossom Hindi Gyanvatika 1 are as follows:

1. The book is divided into four sections introducing students to different levels of language learning.
2. Extensive coverage of Hindi alphabets is provided in the book to strengthen the basics of students.
3. Examples and Activities to build concept base.
4. Entertaining Stories and Poetries are also included to make learning fun for students.
5. Sections like ‘Match the Following’, ‘picture story’, ‘Good Habits’ and Activities like ‘Connect the dots’, 'fill in colors' are also included to make the process entertaining for students.
6. Every lesson is accompanied by enticing images to help kids relate to the concept.
7. Section of 'Teaching guide' is included wherever required to clear the understanding of students.

This book with a vast range of activities such as ‘Match the Following’, ‘picture story’, ‘Good Habits’ along with activities like ‘Connect the dots’, 'fill in colors' makes this a one-stop study guide for Hindi Language learning. Hindi Gyanvatika series by Target Publications are considered to be one of the best books for children to help them build their foundation surrounding Hindi language.

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