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Blossom Vocab Builder C & D (Set of 2) for 8-10 years old kids

Blossom Vocab Builder C & D Set of 2

Blossom Vocab Builder A & B (Set of 2)

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Are you looking to improve your child’s English writing and speaking skills? Then you need to try Target Publications’ Blossom Vocab Builder A and B for kids aged 6 years and above. These vocabulary books contain more than 75 fun-filled activities through which kids can master 53 vocabulary topics. With these vibrant and colourful books, add zest to your kid’s English vocabulary.

Books (combo) features:

  1. Learn, play and build English vocabulary with Blossom Vocab Builder A and  Vocab Builder
  2. This set of 2 books is based on the contemporary curriculum for kids aged 6 years and above.
  3. A Word Today is a Sentence Tomorrow: Learning new words and their meaning from an early age will not only benefit your child’s word-building skills but also help them in forming sentences.
  4. Activity-based Exercises: Playing games is a fantastic way for young minds to learn. Keeping this in mind, these books are packed with 80 interactive activities like word search, puzzles, colouring, crossword and more!
  5. Carefully Picked Topics: Fifty-three topics such as vowels, consonants, prefix-suffix, compound words etc. are covered. Mastering them will give kids confidence in communicating.
  6. Linguistic Skills: When kids are exposed to a plethora of vocabulary-building topics, they will learn new words as well as start to understand and express in both oral and written form.
  7. Art of Communication: Building vocabulary from an early age is the right choice for your kid’s future. This will evolve their communication skills as they can interpret, comprehend and interact in an effective manner. This art can only develop when a child is well-versed in vocabulary.
  8. Page Turners: We have made sure to add colours, adorable illustrations and fantastic activities for kids. So every time they turn a page they will be curious and interested to learn more!
  9. For Your Child’s Better Tomorrow: We understand the importance of the overall development of children for their better future. With this marvellous set of books, your kid will not only learn new words but also develop their linguistic skill. This skill will strengthen their English speaking, writing and reading skills.
  10. Build your kid’s vocabulary with Target’s Blossom Vocab Builder A and Vocab Builder B!
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