What’s the great advantage of opting for an Online Test Series to crack NEET UG 2019? Tests and Reports


NEET Exam or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is an examination that is specifically conducted for all medical and dental aspirants across India. This examination basically is a gateway for students to secure admissions in both government and private colleges. In keeping with the latest updates, this exam is set to be conducted on 5th May, 2019 across all the centers mentioned of its official website. This year is bound to be the first year when the NEET exam will be conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency), which will be its administering authority for all intents and purposes.

NEET exam for the undergraduate level will be conducted once a year for duration of 3 hours. This examination would be in the offline mode, generally meaning that it would technically be a pen and paper examination. Essentially divided into four subjects viz., Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany the syllabus for this exam would be based on the curriculum for Std. 11th and Std. 12th.  The total number of questions that would be asked in this examination would be 180, with every correct question awarding a student with 4 marks and a mark’s deduction for every wrong answer. While the total marks of the examination are 720 according to last year’s results a score of 500+ is bound to get you into a college of your choice. Three words which will become the key to such an exceptional score in NEET exam are: Online Test Series.

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How does an online test series prove advantageous in your preparation for the NEET exam?

1. An online test series trumps over the offline practice module

As an aspirant of this entrance examination, you must have surely enrolled yourself in a number of mock tests as a part of your coaching class or college. In addition to attempting to solve them, you must have also tried your hand at solving previous year’s NEET question papers. All of this does happen to help you in your preparation, but have you ever tried to quantify it? It would be quite a task to do so because none of these mock tests are able to provide you with a real time experience. On the other hand, an online test series is generally a mock test that you are only allowed to take once, within a stipulated period of time with a proper time-tracker. These online test series are generally adept at creating conducive atmosphere that launches you into ‘exam-mode’ thereby doubling your chances of scoring better.

2. An online test series is a greatly utilitarian revision tool

Generally mock tests tend to cover the entire NEET syllabus as is prescribed by the administration authority. In this case it is the NTA. Often times it so happens that questions in these offline mock tests are directly taken from previous year’s question papers or just from a few NEET books, which adds to their repetitive nature. While this is a great tool for your practice, it greatly lacks the provision of revision. This is starkly in contrast to online mock tests as some of these test series meticulously cater to the NEET syllabus. Many of these are categorically divided into Chapter-wise tests, Unit-wise tests as well as Module-wise test. For example if you happen to have enrolled into a NEET biology online test series you will not only be tested upon every chapter but also upon every single unit as well as the entire syllabus in a number of tests. More the number of tests attempted more the amount of revision done. This will directly translate into you being a maestro at solving tests.

Buy NEET UG BooksBuy NEET UG Online Test Series

3. An online test series will provide you with timely feedback and detailed reports

Generally when you opt for a mock test series, there is a long gruelling process where you have to wait for your result and your feedback. This is not the case with an online test series as you get immediate feedback in terms of your attempt, where you stand when it comes to others who have attempted the same test etc.  At the same time, an online test series has the possibility of providing you with an immensely helpful feedback tool. Timely feedback about your performance especially in terms of a number of different reports helps boost your confidence to score higher. Many online test series come equipped with various reports that offer student with a graphical representation of how well they fare throughout the tests in addition to highlighting the areas for improvement.

In addition to the great advantages offered by an online test series, here are a few things about the NEET exam that you must know and be aware of as an aspirant:

  1. There is no set paper pattern followed  for such examinations
  2. It is highly unlikely that a question will be repeated verbatim in any of the NEET exam papers from the previous years
  3. Conceptual knowledge trumps rote-learning
  4. Previous years’ question papers and online mock tests are the stepping stones for your success  
  5. An analytical mind-set and the ability to transfer your learning counts highly
  6. Every single rule furnished in the NEET exam information bulletin must be followed to the T

Our team of subject experts at Target publications has taken all of the above into account and created an NEET online test series which is entirely based on our NEET books. This test series is offered by way of the following products:

  1. NEET-UG Physics Online Test Series
  2. NEET-UG Biology Online Test Series
  3. NEET-UG Chemistry Online Test Series 
  4. NEET-UG PCB Online Test Series
  5. NEET-UG Physics, Chemistry, Biology Online Model Test Series

These online tests series would most definitely prove as a great advantage for you in order to crack NEET-UG 2019.

Buy NEET UG BooksBuy NEET UG Online Test Series

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