According to the NEET Chapter Wise Weightage numerous questions have been asked from the chapter ‘Structure of Atom’. Let’s go through the important sub-topics of this chapter which will help you crack NEET Chemistry section.

Important Sub-Topics in Structure of Atom:

  1. Fundamental particles
  2. Atomic number and mass number
  3. Wave nature of light
  4. Quantum theory of radiation
  5. Bohr’s model for hydrogen atom
  6. Concept of shells and subshells
  7. Dual nature of matter: de Broglie’s relationship
  8. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle
  9. Quantum mechanical model of an atom: Concept of atomic orbitals
  10. Quantum numbers
  11. Shapes of orbitals
  12. Rules for filling electrons in orbitals
  13. Electronic configurations of atoms
  14. Stability of half-filled and completely filled orbitals

Last 8 Years NEET/AIPMT Sub-Topic wise Weightage Analysis for Structure of Atom:

Last 33 Years NEET/AIMPT Sub-Topic wise Weightage Analysis for Structure of Atom:

Important Information:

Now that you are aware of the topic & sub-topic analysis, the next step would be to prepare yourself for the questions that have already been asked in the previous papers for these topics. To help you with the same, we at Target Publications have compiled a book – 33 Years NEET Question Papers Book with Chapterwise Solutions that contains solutions to all the questions asked in NEET & AIPMT in the last 33 years sub-topic wise.

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