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Job Descrition for Video Editor

Job Description and Specification

Position Title: Video Editor

Reports To:

Professional Experience: 1 – 5 Years


Edit moving images on film, video, or other media along with editing and synchronizing soundtracks with images.


  1.    Organize and string together raw footage that conveys the intended message to target audiences. 

  2.    Edit films and videotapes to insert music, dialogue, and sound effects, arrange films into sequences, and to correct errors, using editing equipment.

  3.    Review the script to better understand the video production requirements.

  4.    Select and combine the most effective shots of each scene to form a logical and smoothly running story, following scripts or as per given instructions.

  5.    Create the voiceover text and other commentary for the video.

  6.    Program computerized graphic effects or other techniques in designing graphics.

  7.    Collaborate with others to determine technical details of productions.

  8.    Ensuring that there are no technical faults and the final product is displayed to the general audiences with compliance to all the required particularities

  9.    Reviewing and editing the video images taken by cameramen and using backdrop sounds from the voice-over audio recordings

  10.    Making last minute changes in the film and deciding the background according to target audience of the film

  11.    Manage content of broadcasts or presentations - Review assembled films or edited videotapes to determine if corrections are necessary.

  12.    Set up and operate computer editing systems, electronic titling systems, video switching equipment, and digital video effects units to produce a   final product.

  1.    Responsible for post-production activities which include adjusting the levels of the audio film, cutting extra footage that may make the      production lengthy and adding effects which transition the film to the next segment smoothly.


  1.    Candidate is required to have extensive working knowledge of editing software such as Final Cut Pro (Version 10), in order to digitize or import audio and video footage.

  2.    Must be familiar with Windows and MAC OS.

  3.    Ability to develop titles and motion graphics using software programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

  4.    Must be detail oriented and with a critical and analytical mind

  5.    Highly Organized and good time manager and manage task as per deadlines

  6.    Ability to remain calm and confident in high-stress or crisis situations with an ability to handle criticism

  7.    Excellent sense of pace and timing. 

  8.    Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  9.    Ability to work well with others in a collaborative environment