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Uddesh - Shahari Daridrya Nivarnacha (Marathi Book by Dr. Medha Kirit)

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Uddesh - Sahari Daridrya Nivarnacha by Medha Kirit

Poverty is one of the primary setbacks when it comes to development of our country. There is a rising need to come together and work for the betterment and uplifting those who are economically backward. It is a common outlook that cities are filled by rich and have no poor. However, contrary to the thoughts, the conditions of poor in the cities are something that needs to be harbored too.

Uddesh is an informative narrative penned by the famed writer Medha Kirit. This book draws into limelight the conditions faced by the poor living in the cities thereby instilling in the minds of readers the thought of working towards their development. Through this book the author has showcased a vivid image of Mumbai exposing a varied phase of the poor living herein.

Throughout the book, the author touches through various topics including the outlook of public surrounding slums, the history elucidating the condition of Mumbai, Slum rehabilitation, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan thereby rendering the readers an indepth outlook. The writer through her tone of writing and information added into it strikes cord with the readers inciting the flame of reformation and development of slum so as to better the condition of Mumbai’s poor

All-in-all this book can certainly be called an exceptional book that splendidly puts across her message to the audience so as to make citizen aware of their surroundings, the conditions of poor, the need for slum redevelopment as well as gain a sneak into the history of Mumbai slums.

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