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The Key to Good Health (Learn the Fundamental Aspects of remaining Healthy)

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The Key to Good Health (Learn the Fundamental Aspects of remaining Healthy)

Health by WHO is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just mere absence of diseases or infirmity. Health plays a paramount role in our existence. No humans can survive if their health doesn’t support them. Considering the present day lifestyle, more and more people are giving least importance to their health and this has been a major cause for the rising number of diseases. In this book, ‘The Key to Good Health’ by the famed Dr. H.V. Sardesai, who has authored plenty of books surrounding health and well-being. This is an informative medical book, wherein the author highlights the importance of health and the key methods to maintain it.

A proper nutritious diet, indulgence in regular exercises, cleanliness, hygiene, early diagnosis and timely treatment happen to be the fundamentals of good health. However, present-day human still suffers from various misconceptions regarding certain illness and disease. This very need propelled the author to pen down this book highlighting the need to educate people about the importance of hygiene, diet and exercise.

In this book, the author has covered a wide range of topic that touches some important and relatable topics such as anemia, Hygiene, Diet and Health, illness of women and other essential topics. Through this book, the author deems to throw light on the fact that a lot depends on the person themselves and it is necessary for one to concentrate on imbibing good habits which can keep one in sound health. This book can be called a one-stop book on health that brings into the limelight that drafts the fundamentals of what to look for and when to seek medical help in order to remain healthy and in pink of health!

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