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Yani Itihas Ghadvila Biography of 6 prominent national leaders by Mr. Dhananjay Keer

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Te Donn Kshansudha (Diary of an Extra-ordinarily Brave Girl)

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Te Donn Kshansudha (Diary of an Extra-ordinarily Brave Girl)

Te Don Kshansuddha is a journal of a girl named Gauri Anand Patil. This book is compiled by her mother Rashmi Anand Patil after her demise and presented in the form of a book which includes everything that Gauri used to include in her diary. The book is a collection of poems, letters, pictures and random posts she had written on a daily basis.

This book is about a 12-year-old girl called Gauri who was detected with an incurable ailment called MDR TB (Mute Drug Resistant TB). Gauri, however, knew of her ailment which her mother came to know about two days after her demise through her diary and journal. And this is when she came to know about her daughter’s creative side and how Gauri even at the time of being ill continued to live her life each day as well as never let her mother know about her knowledge of the ailment.

The book takes the reader through a memorable journey of Gauri which she penned down on her journal. This includes sketches, paintings, letters, poems and much more. The opening page is written by Shobha De who has shared her appreciation of Gauri’s talent and adds how if she was alive would have grown on in life. This book is certainly an emotional rendition of a mother and a memoir of a girl who was filled with all zest and zeal. The book is presented so as to instil in people the journey of a girl who lived her life wholly even in short span and with a smile on her face rendering inspiration and pushes to all those who feel lost in their life.

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