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Std 9 Science Ebook | Semi Eng Med | Maharashtra Board

Std 9 Science Ebook | Semi Eng Med | Maharashtra Board

Std 9 Maths and Science Ebooks | Semi Eng Med | Maharashtra Board

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A Product By Lazy Bone Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Std 9 Maths and Science EBooks | Semi English Medium | Maharashtra State Board | Includes Additional Problems, MCQs and Numericals | Based on Std 9th New Syllabus | Set of 3 ENotes - Content © Target Publications Pvt. Ltd.

This ebook has been comprehensively put together based on the latest syllabus and according to the new paper pattern as prescribed by the Maharashtra Board.

This combo comprises of Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2 and Science and Technology e-books.

To start studying, make sure you have installed our Quill - The Padhai App. This app doesn't let you miss the feeling of learning from your hardbound books and provides you with a host of amazing features that make your learning experience enjoyable. This app lays down a strong foundation to maximize the subject knowledge of students; to boost their confidence.

Features that help you excel

Here are some interesting features that will help you to learn at ease anytime and anywhere.

  • Smooth horizontal page-flip just like a book
  • Underline, highlight, strike out the content
  • Clickable links providing direct access to videos
  • Add comments and text wherever you want
  • Connect to the web directly to search the meanings of difficult words

The salient features of Std 9th Maths and Science EBooks, Semi English Medium are as follows:

1. Extensive coverage of all textual chapters in question-answer format
2. Inclusion of Chapter-wise Assessment Tests to encourage self-evaluation among students.
3. Science Notes come equipped with ample Numerical, diagram-based and paragraph-based questions in addition to MCQs, Give reasons and Subjective type questions.
4. Sections like ‘Use your brain power’, ‘Reading between the lines’ and ‘Illustrative Examples’ and memory maps are provided to foster a robust concept base.
5. Mathematics Notes provide answers to all textually based activities under separate sections titled ‘Apply your knowledge’ in addition to unsolved practice problems under the title ‘Additional problems for practice’ are provided to strengthen students’ concept base.

This app has been meticulously put together to function as a guiding star for students who seek to build a powerful concept base.

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