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Std. 11th English Yuvakbharati Notes (Maharashtra Board)

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This book is available in paperback print format only. Download the sample content for reference of the structure and subject matter in the book.


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Std. 11th English Yuvakbharati Notes (Maharashtra  Board)

Std. 11th English Yuvakbharati Notes (MH Board) by Target Publications is an extensive handbook that is critically analysed with students as the focal point of the entire learning process. The objective of this book is to foster a robust skill set that comprises of vocabulary, grammar and communication skills among students and thereby boost their confidence.

The salient features of Std. 11th English Yuvakbharati Notes (MH Board) are as follows:

1. All the chapters and poems in the book comprise of the following features:
      - Glossary with meanings of difficult textual words
      - Answers to all pre-reading activities
      - Summaries of all chapters
      - Paraphrase of all poems
      - Extract wise division of all chapters and poems in comprehension format
      - Coverage of all Poetic Devices in poems
      - Poetic Creativity in all poems
      - Language Study: Vocabulary
      - Language Study: Grammar
      - Solutions to all textual activity based questions under the title, ‘Extension’

2. All Rapid Reading chapters comprise of the following features:
      - Glossary with meanings of difficult textual words
      - Introduction of all chapters
      - Passage wise division of all chapters with questions under the titles of ‘Global Understanding’ and ‘Composition’

3. An independent chapter of Grammar comprises of brief explanation with sufficient examples of many grammatical and vocabulary concepts. These concepts are:
      - Verbs of Perception
      - Word Formation
      - Linking Words of Discourse Markers
      - Rhetorical Questions
      - Collocations
      - Infinitives
      - Gerunds and Participles
      - Uses of ‘too’ and ‘enough’
      - Articles
      - Prepositions
      - Modal Auxiliaries
      - Degrees of Comparison
      - Tenses
      - Reported Speech
      - Active and Passive Voice
      - Types of Sentences
      - Clauses
      - Figures of Speech

4. The book concludes with an independent chapter titled, ‘Writing Skills’, which compromises of:
      - Note-making
      - Unseen Passages
      - Letter Writing
      - Leaflet
      - Appeal
      - Report Writing
      - News Report Writing
      - Information Transfer
      - View-Counterview
      - Interview Questions
      - Drafting a Speech

This book is an addition to the countless, reliable titles by Target Publications and stands out as one of the most sought-after books for Std. 11th students. It functions as a guiding star for all students who seek to enrich their knowledge of English language and have a holistic learning experience.

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NiceReview by Yug
Paraphrases and introduction to lessons are very very helpful in understanding the lessons.

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