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11 fyjc commerce books combo of 5

Std 11 Commerce Books (Economics, OC, BK, SP and English) Smart Notes | FYJC Commerce Guide | Maharashtra State Board

Std 11th science PCMB books combo of 6

11th Std Perfect PCMB Books Combo | FYJC Science Guide | Maharashtra State Board New Syllabus | Set of 6 Books

11th Std PCB Books Combo | FYJC Science Guide | Maharashtra State Board New Syllabus | Set of 3 Books

Physics, Chemistry and Biology Combo | Based on Std 11th New Syllabus | Set of 3 Books

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Std 11 Precise PCB Books (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) Combo | FYJC Science Guide | Maharashtra State Board Notes | Based on Std 11th New Syllabus 2021 - 2022 | Set of 3 Books

Std 11th Precise PCB Books (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) Notes Combo, Science (Maharashtra Board) by Target Publications is part of Target Precise Notes which is curated in order to provide students a perfect learning ground for sharpening their concepts and building a knowledge base. The objective of the book is to provide a comprehensive platform to all Std 11 science students to strengthen their foundation, boost confidence for attempting Std 11 final examination. Target Publication through this book backed with its various core features and lucid language present an ultimate stop for maximizing your learning towards success.

The book features:

1. This book is based on the new textbook of Std 11 syllabus that offers active learning.
2. Every chapter includes sub-topic wise segregation to help students comprehend the concepts with ease.
3. Physics and Chemistry books include sections of ‘Important Formulae’ and ‘Solved Examples’ Numericals
4. Extensive coverage of all textual content, objective and subjective questions.
5. ‘Can you tell’, ‘Can you recall’, and ‘Problems’ sections are included to build a robust concept base.
6. Chemistry book includes section of ‘Use your Brain Power’ and ‘Problems’.
7. Physics book includes ‘MCQs’ and ‘Problems’ sections to build in depth understanding of the topics.
8. ‘Quick Review’ is provided at the end of each chapter to map the chapters in minds of students.
9. Sections like ‘Reading Between the Lines’, ‘Gyan Guru’, and ‘Connections’,  are introduced to impart students holistic education.
10. The book includes QR codes placed at strategic points throughout the notes to access a video for better understanding of the concepts.

This book has been compiled as per the revised syllabus w.e.f. from the academic year 2021-2022 and guidelines prescribed by Maharashtra Board for Std. 11th students. The exceptional study material provided herein makes it the ultimate reference book for Std. 11th students.

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Subject Physics, Chemistry, Biology
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