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Std. 10th IQB Geography, Marathi Medium (Maharashtra Board)

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This book is available in paperback print format only. Download the sample content for reference of the structure and subject matter in the book.

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Std. 10th IQB Geography, Marathi Medium (Maharashtra  Board)

Std. 10th IQB Geography, Marathi Medium (MH Board) by Target Publications has been compiled in order to create a treasure trove of the most important questions and lend a helping hand to students who are poised to face the SSC Examination this year. This book has been collated in accordance with the latest Std. 10th syllabus, notified by Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production & Curriculum Research, Pune.

The salient features of Std. 10th IQB Geography, Marathi Medium (MH Board) are as follows:

1. Detailed description of the Paper Pattern with the Marking Scheme is provided at the beginning of the book

2. All types of questions such as ‘Identify the odd man out’, ‘Name the following’, ‘Differentiate between’, ‘Answer the following on the basis of maps’ etc. are covered along with their answers and are in correspondence with the marks allotted to them

3. Every Question given in the Paper Pattern is segregated into separate chapters, furnished with complete conceptual explanation

4. All chapters entail a proper segregation of questions and their relevant answers in accordance with the textbook

5. The arrangement of chapters and the flow of contents in the book enables students to get an idea of the composition of the Question Paper

6. The book concludes with a Model Question Paper to facilitate self-evaluation among students, as well as, to help them assess their level of preparation for the Board Examination

7. We have combined technology with education and resultantly provided QR Codes for students to access the following:
      - Video about the latest Paper Pattern specified by the SSC Board
      - Video titled, 'How to read Maps' 
      - Answer Key to the Model Question Paper.

Armed with an arsenal of the most imperative questions and relevant answers we, at Target Publications are confident that this Important Question Bank will cater to all education oriented requirements of students across categories and effectively assist them to achieve meritorious success in SSC Examinations.

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Additional Information

Subject Geography
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