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Shanti Shiksha (Peace Education Book for B.Ed Course in Hindi)

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Shanti Shiksha (Peace Education Book for B.Ed Course in Hindi)

Education plays a primary role in all our lives and steers us towards great fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness. It is through this aspect that we, as human beings are able to acquire knowledge, multiply it and use it for our benefit. Similarly, students of education who are more popularly known as Bachelors of Education play a primordial role in shaping the impressionable minds of the future generations. As important as education is, there is another aspect of human life which garners more importance. This aspect is ‘peace’, which is greatly essential to lead a harmonious life. Through the book titled, ‘Shanti Shiksha’, authors Dr. Sunita Vithalrao Magre and Dr. Rakhi Giriraj Dhingra have made an excellent attempt towards combining education and peace. In doing so they have taken Peace Education out of the B.Ed curriculum set by University of Mumbai and have attempted to give it a more familiar shape for the benefit of all B.Ed students.

Dr. Sunita Vithalrao Magre has been working as a Professor under the Department of Education based in University of Mumbai. With an admirable teaching experience of 23 years, she is also a member of various high profile educational committees across colleges. In addition to this, she has been one of the 50 Women Leaders in Education to be awarded with the Prof. Indira Parikh Award at World Education Congress, India.  Dr. Rakhi Giriraj Dhingra, who is the co-writer of this book, is a Post Doctoral fellow of UGC and has presented as well as published as many as 20 papers on various themes of Education.  In addition to ‘Shanti Shiksha’, she has also authored ‘Meri Ma’ and has been an active organizer of Peace Education workshops. The book is a result of the combined efforts of these two educational scholars and is definitely a must read for students interested in Peace Education. 

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