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Sanganak Yugatil Arogya (Health Tips for the Digital Age in Marathi)

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Sanganak Yugatil Arogya (Health Tips for the Digital Age in Marathi)

The 21st Century world today has been completely awash by the gigantic tidal wave of technology. In the first couple of decades of this millennium the world has moved rapidly towards closing the digital divide, owing to mass production and affordability. As the net of information technology spreads at an increasing rate today, so does the net of various diseases that are caused by it. Saganak Yugatil Arogya is a remedial information book written by the famed Homeopathic doctor, Mandar Joshi. He has been a homeopathic practitioner based out of Ville Parle in Mumbai since the past 25 years.

In this book, the writer has grasped the gravity of the deeply impactful relationship between technology and health. Technology and its effects on the health of a human being as well as a school of thought that talks about remedial measures have been excellently covered within this book. There are many downsides to health when an average person begins to excessively use digital devices such as computers, mobile phones and laptops. These downsides denote not just the physical issues that are faced by a person, but also the psychological issues.

The technological contraption that goes by the name of ‘a computer’ has a grave impact on human health. This includes headaches, eye pain, elbow and wrist pain, chronic back-ache, shoulder pain and so on. Dr. Joshi’s book lays special emphasis on these diseases and provides a microscopic view which helps readers understand the reasons for their occurrence in such great numbers. It also touches upon the psychological issues that are on the rise and are primarily caused by excessive exposure to social media. There are many useful tips provided herein that range from pictorial representation of the exercises that one must try out to the homeopathic medicines that can be used as remedies for varied diseases. Certainly, this book can be called an impactful attempt by Dr. Joshi to unravel the underbelly of ‘at the click of a button’ generation and to caution them about the almost hazardous nature of technology.

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