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Pankh (Collection of Short Stories in Marathi)

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Pankh (Collection of Short Stories in Marathi)

‘Pankh’ is a Katha Sangrah, better known as a collection of short stories by the famed author, Urmila Sirur. Late Ms. Sirur was well known for her writing, which was instrumental in bringing forth a new vertical in Marathi Literature. This new vertical introduced all ardent readers to the spectrum of human emotions and behaviours. This book comprises of short stories that may be short in length, but do not fall short of holding the readers’ interest.

One prime feature of her stories is the way she writes her characters. The character sketch is constructed meticulously and a lot of attention is paid to the smallest of details. This ensures that each story within this collection becomes a page turner and the readers are able to visualise all the characters come to life. Stories like ‘Pankh’, ‘Anth’, ‘Sparsh’,  ‘Bhul’ and so on examine and depict the varied aspects of a human mind and at the same time nudge the readers to draw deep insights about humans and their psychology.

The speciality of Ms. Sirur’s writing style is her acute observation of her immediate surroundings and the deep insights that she has drawn from them. This is reflected in quite a lucid manner in all her stories. All her characters seemingly come to life and let the readers almost memorise their attributes, special traits and nature. The stories don’t adhere to any particular school of thought and motivate the readers to not look at the world from a complete black and white perspective. This book tries to convey to its reader that almost every single story has a multitude of angles when you look at the humans involved within.

Pankh is the story, which is aptly used as the title of this collection of stories. This is a story of a dysfunctional family that comprises of a couple and their two daughters. Tumultuous times await the family and they transform from being a complete household to a broken one. Every single character is depicted with much detail and expresses their grief with palpable poignancy. The end of this story is open to interpretation and adheres to Ms. Sirur’s patent style of writing.

 This book explores the spectrum of human emotions and behaviour patterns of all characters in the real and fictional sense.

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