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  1. Are there any registration charges?
    No, you can register free and avail the free Model Test.
  2. Can I take the tests without registering?
    No, it is mandatory to register to take tests.
  3. I successfully submitted the registration form but did not receive the email containing the password.
    Please visit the spam/junk folder of your email account, if you still don't see there please send us an email to [email protected] or call us on 022-65516551.
  4. Can the tests be downloaded?
    No the tests are not in downloadable format. You have to solve the tests online.
  5. Do students get freedom to choose the test topics?
    There is a schedule. All tests would be uploaded as per the schedule. You have to prepare yourself accordingly. However a test that has already been uploaded can be accessed later and solved.
  6. If I take a test as a registered user, will the analysis of my performance be available in my account for later use?
    Yes, all performance report are available throughout the course period. Indeed your AIR (All India Rank) and SMR (State Merit Rank) are dynamic in nature you should visit to see where you stand amongst others.
  7. Will I get the detailed solution of the questions asked in the tests?
    Yes, right after you solve and submit the test you could review your questions and solutions (wherever applicable)
  8. I am unable to understand the given solution for a question. What can I do now?
    We request you to visit our question and answer forum and raise your queries, one of our academic expert would try to attempt, besides you may get a reply from other registered students as well.
  9. I was taking a test and my connection to the server was lost. What should I do?
    As per the guidelines of this "Online Test Series" you are allowed to solve a particular test one time only. However unless you click the submit button that particular test is not considered as solved. And in a similar situation you can reattempt the test.

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