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Nurture Hindi Alphabet and Words Learning Books for Kids

Nurture Hindi Learning Book for Kids | Learn Practice Read and Write Hindi Alphabet, Barakhadi, Varnamala

Blossom Alphabet Writing Introduction

English Alphabet Writing Practice Books for Kids | ABCD Capital, Small and Cursive Letter | Set of 3 Books

Nurture Pattern Writing and Stroke Books for Kids | 2 to 5 Year | Set of 3

Practice Standing and Sleeping Lines, Curves, ABCD Alphabet Tracing for Children | Includes Colourful Pictures, Activities

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Nurture Pattern Writing and Stroke Books for Kids | 2 to 5 Year Old | Practice Standing and Sleeping Lines, Curves and ABCD Alphabet Tracing for Preschool and Nursery Children | Includes Colourful Pictures and Activities | Set of 3 Books

When children are around the age of 3-5 years, parents generally introduce them to the world of writing alphabets or the Abcs. One of the first few things that children in kindergarten learn is, ‘How to draw strokes and lines’ in order to progress towards writing the abcs.

Writing is an important aspect of a child’s overall education. A great amount of our daily communication takes place in the written format. This makes it imperative for a pre-primary student to be well aware and proficient in the art of writing. To learn and write effectively is generally considered as a milestone by kids and parents alike. Parents and teachers usually put their heart and soul to ensure that their wards can write properly.

Target Publications’ ‘Strokes Practice Book for Kids (Combo of 3 Books viz.,: Stroke Book - A, Stroke Book - B (Capital Alphabets Practice), Stroke Book - C (Enhanced) provide children with ample practice to write the alphabet in a correct manner. Every book includes a worksheet at the end of every chapter so as to ensure thorough practice among students. One of the best features of these books is that they not only teach children to write in the correct manner but also introduce them to subtle shades of drawing.

The Alphabet, better known as the Abcs, in simple words is a collection of letters and their sounds. The ABCs of Alphabet work as important building blocks for the linguistic development of children. Alphabets soon begin to take form of words and sentences and thus effectively aid in speech and communication development. We sincerely hope that these books with their intriguing layout full of soft colour tones, would keep children engaged and would become a stepping stone for young minds, towards the world of writing.

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