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Blossom Jumbo Creative Book Level 2

Blossom Jumbo Creative Colouring Book for Kids | 5 to 7 years old | Best Gift to Children for Drawing, Coloring and Painting with Colour Reference Guide | A3 Size | Level 2

Nurture Colouring and Activity Books for Kids in English | 3 to 8 Year Old Children

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Nurture Colouring and Activity Books for Kids in English | 3 to 8 Year Old Children | 78 Fun DIY Craft, Art and Other Ideas | Monsoon and Toys Theme based Coloring Books | Set of 4 Books

Art and Craft are two activities which feed the inquisitiveness of one’s sensory organs. These activities make up an essential part of a child’s formative years as they encourage them to explore the world of creativity and provide a scope for their imagination. This line of thought was the driving force behind the compilation of these Art and Craft Books for Kids.

This Combo of Art and Craft books for kids comprises of the following books:

1. Nurture Colourful Memories A and Nurture Colourful Memories B are books that define the joy of being a child. Their complexity and awe-inspiring simplicity causes a furore in adults and kids alike. All the elements included in these books are in some or the other way a child’s reflection of toys! They work towards making the process of colour recognition easier for the tiny tots. These are essentially thematic books, the theme for Book A being Monsoon and that for Book B being toys.

2. Nurture Activity Book A and Nurture Activity Book B are books that provide ample opportunities for children to observe varied elements of nature and appreciate its beauty and versatility. They take children on a colourful journey through an array of activities in a unique and exciting way.

Through this combo, we would like to encourage parents, guardians and teachers alike to get involved with their kids in the process of learning and allow them to explore it with their interpretation of art.  All the books in the combo have been put together with an aim to provide children with an opportunity to think beyond what meets the eye and represent their own ideas and thoughts in the most creative manner possible.

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Subject Art and Craft Books for Kids (Combo of 2 Colouring Books and 2 Activity Books)
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