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Athavaninche Amrut

Athavaninche Amrut (Compilation of Mr. Appa Sathe's personal experiences in Marathi)

California Te Kailash Marathi book about Travel Experiences of Mr. Vishwas Barve

California Te Kailash (Marathi book about Travel Experiences of Mr. Vishwas Barve)

Musalmani Mulakhantali Mushafari (A Traveller's Tale: Journey through the Gulf countries)

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Musalmani Mulakhantali Mushafari (A Traveller's Tale: Journey through the Gulf countries)

Since time immemorial, people in general and Indians in particular have undertaken enlightening expeditions for varied purposes. These voyages were either taken by road or by sea and they revolved around a particular type of exchange. This exchange would either be trade related, commercial or cultural in nature. Marathi literature in India has sparse documentation of trips undertaken to India’s neighboring countries. Musalmani Mulkhatil Mushafari is one of the first travelogues, written in Marathi language that documents the travel experiences of Mr. Shripad Ramchandra Tikekar to some of the prominent Middle Eastern countries. This book was first published in the year 1931 and was recently revised and reprinted in the year 2019.

Mr. Tikekar was a prolific writer, an excellent researcher and an acclaimed journalist who shot to fame in the 20th century. History, Sanskrit, Economics, Movies, Coal mines and Oil wells happen to be his prime areas of interest. Over his illuminating career, he is known to have authored, edited and translated close to 37 books. He was most famous for his lucid narrative style and his balanced perspective of writing with a sprinkling of humour.

This book is a compilation of his travel correspondence to the Kesari Newspaper (Pune) and covers his travel experiences to the Islamic regions of the world. In particular, the author has documented his travel experiences in Iranian countries such as Abadan and Tehran as well as Iraqi countries like Baghdad and Basra. The opening chapters of the book take readers on a descriptive tour around Peshawar and Quetta and detail the writer’s interactions with the native populace. This book recounts the adventure, excitement and enthusiasm of the writer and is a must-read for all travel enthusiasts who wish to set out on a sojourn to Islamic countries around the world. Apart from being a travelogue, this book functions as a historical and social document to help readers understand foreign cultures.


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