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Te Donn Kshansudha Diary of an Extra-ordinarily Brave Girl

Te Donn Kshansudha (Diary of an Extra-ordinarily Brave Girl)

Junction Travel Stories and Experiences of an Engine Driver

Junction (Travel Stories and Experiences of an Engine Driver)

Me Sarathi Agnirathacha (Stories of Railway Engine Drivers)

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Me Sarathi Agnirathacha (Stories of Railway Engine Drivers)

‘Mi Sarathi Agnirathacha’ is a prolific compilation of stories related to railway engine drivers. The book is written by Hanumanth Narhar Supre who through the medium of this book has detailed inspirational stories about steam engine drivers and their quests. The author who was himself a steam driver has presented this book in a narrative format by highlighting different memories of himself and his co-workers while working as a driver for steam engines.

In this book, the author takes the reader through 17 different stories each highlighting varied scenarios that a driver comes across in his life. The author has presented it not as an autobiographical account but in the form of stories that makes reading more wonderful. The book begins with a general description of what are steam engines and later goes on to share narrations and different stories about his field and what they face in day to day life. Certainly, this book can be called a one-stop solution for anyone who wishes to gain a sneak peek into the life of people who work in railways thereby journeying the readers through the tracks of their quests and needs.

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