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Junction Travel Stories and Experiences of an Engine Driver

Junction (Travel Stories and Experiences of an Engine Driver)

Tujyashich Boltey Me by Mrs Shambhavi Hardikar

Tujyashich Boltey Me (Marathi Book written by Mrs. Shambhavi Hardikar)

Majha Mrutyunjay (An inspirational autobiography of Engg. Prakash Nikumbh)

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Majha Mrutyunjay (An inspirational autobiography of Engg. Prakash Nikumbh)

Life is an unpredictable journey. One never knows which calamity will strike one and when life may come to a complete standstill. Most often when a person falls ill, the first thought that enters their mind is fear. This fear goes on to add to their anarchy thereby closing doors for recouping. However, a positive attitude and will power are two such elements which are known to do wonders. ‘Majha Mritunjay’ is one such motivational book written by Prakash Nikumbh. This is an autobiographical narration by the author who details about his survival and journey when he was diagnosed with kidney ailment.

24 July 2001 the author witnessed something off with his usual health. He experienced edema on his legs and face. On checking he was diagnosed with kidney failure. Both his kidneys had stopped working and now he had to completely depend on dialysis. The author states, when others drank four liters of water each day, he went through peritoneal dialysis four times a day in his house itself. In this book, he shares with his readers his sheer grit and positivity that helped him pass the crossroads of death and turmoil that life had left him on.

The book renders a wonderful insight into the power of positive thought and mind power. In this autobiography, the author wishes to reach out to every other person who is depressed due to illness and is in need of motivation. The book highlights the plight that an individual faces on being diagnosed by any illness often worrying about death, family, kids, and society. The author here highlights how mind power can turn the table and make a person fit, along with echoing the need for positivity in life. All in all this book can be called an exemplary motivational book on how to fight diseases peculiarly on how to face the challenges posed by life with complete will and assertiveness.

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