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 Aushadhi Vishwakosh (Natural Medicine Encyclopedia in Marathi)

Aushadhi Vishwakosh (Natural Medicine Encyclopedia in Marathi)

Kay Khau Kiti Khau (Marathi Book on Healthy Diet and Weight Loss)

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Kay Khau Kiti Khau (Marathi Book on Healthy Diet and Weight Loss)

In ‘Kay Khau Kiti Khau’, Dr. Vaishali Mandar Joshi answers a very common question - 'What and how much should a person eat?' It provides detailed insight about nutritional food and importance of balanced diet.
A Diet differs in accordance with the age group and the nutritional needs of people. In the same vein, nutritional needs are subject to change as the individual progresses through each age group, starting from infancy, childhood, teenage, adulthood, pregnancy, lactation, menopause to old age. This book supplies a detailed explanation about balanced diets that cater to different age groups.

Lastly, it covers some distinctive topics as follows:

- Optimum quantity of tea and coffee consumption to lead a healthy lifestyle
- Diet for summer season
- Tips to satisfy hunger during winters
- Healthy breakfast options
- Mid-meal snacks
- Diet during exam periods
- Type and amount of non-vegetarian foods considered healthy
- Protein Supplements
- Tackling protein deficiency in vegetarians
- Diet for fasting and options for Prasad 
- How to enjoy a party while maintaining your weight.

The various aspects of nutrition are a unique feature of this book. It is written with an objective to spread proper knowledge amongst all.
Dr. Vaishali Mandar Joshi is a Homeopathic Doctor and a Dietician. She has authored numerous articles in newspapers and magazines alike. She has conducted lectures on topics related to nutrition and has also appeared in episodes of a TV show, ‘Ghe bharari’.

Her book provides a comprehensive explanation about the correct way to lose weight with a balanced diet and exercise. It further introduces the readers to an extensively prepared diet to tackle various diseases related to Obesity like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Heart diseases Gout and Types of Fats.

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