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Pankh (Collection of Short Stories in Marathi)

Pankh (Collection of Short Stories in Marathi)

Kaleidoscope (Collection of Short Stories in Marathi)

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Kaleidoscope (Collection of Short Stories in Marathi)

Kaleidoscope refers to a small tube, with mirrors on the inside of it. This tube generally is filled with tiny, colourful pieces of glass that depict vivid patterns. In a similar manner, this book is aptly titled, ‘Kaleidoscope’ as it is a beautiful medley of stories, that are held together with a beautiful thread of environmental tourism. This book tries to convey the importance of conservation of the environment to its readers through an imagined, fantasy like narrative, which happens to be Mr. Modak’s forte.

It was in the year 2014, when Dr. Prasad Modak started his blog. A blog or a web log is an online documentation of our experiences, which can be viewed by anyone around the world. Mr. Modak’s main aim behind this blog was to give an interesting twist to the mundane nature of our daily lives. The author is a globetrotting environmentalist who’s taken excursions to many culturally rich, Asian countries.

Through his blog he began to document his multiple interesting, ethnic voyages and varied experiences that he had. His blog also comprises of articles upon the subject of welfare, but mostly are autobiographical in nature. A cursory glance at the blog posts displays the writing style of the author in a very prominent manner. Most of the writings although partly autobiographical in nature, are written in a fantasy like format. This is done to help introduce readers to the technical aspects of various issues in a comprehendible manner.

Dr. Modak’s writing style comprises of humorous anecdotes while at the same time hits the proverbial nail, right on its head when it comes to environmental issues. His book ‘Kaleidoscope’ is a collection of some of his most interesting blog posts, which have been translated into Marathi from English, by his elder sister, Lalita Vaidya.

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