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John Marshall - A Remarkable Archaeologist (Marathi Book)

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John Marshall - A Remarkable Archaeologist (Marathi Book)

‘John Marshall’ is a biographical narrative written by Jayant Khare who has also authored many other books. In this book, he elaborates the contribution of John Marshall in the field of archeology and discovery. Through this book, the author wishes to enlighten readers regarding the numerous work done by John Marshall during his tenure as an archeologist.

John Marshall came to India on the eventful day of December 23, 1901. He was merely 25-year-old, when he was appointed as the director general of Survey of India. He went on to serve the position for a span of 25 years. During his course of work, he carried out elaborate research on antique pieces as well as studied the layout and design of archeological sighting. Through his extensive work and research, he created a distinct mark for himself in the field. it was he who discovered that the Indian history to be as old as 3000 years in comparison to 300 years as contemplated.

This book touches on each aspect of the renowned archaeologist's life starting from his tenure at work, his contribution, his first year in India, etc. In addition, the book also offers a gist into the archeological excavations at Harappa, Mohenjodaro, Takshila and Sanchi. Thus, this book serves as a good source of reference and guide into the field of archeology as well as about the various discoveries made by John Marshall.

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