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How to be Effective in Life – A Challenge for the Young Generation

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How to be Effective in Life – A Challenge for the Young Generation by Dr. PS Ramani

Youth happens to be the backbone of society and a driving force towards growth. Filled with zest and zeal they go on to create a mark for themselves in the present competitive world. However, with abounding career options and increased competition, today’s generation opt for shortcuts which in the long run prove to be disastrous. 'How to be Effective in Life – A challenge for the Young generation' is a book written by the famed Neuro Spinal Surgeon, Prof. P.S. Ramani. He is one of the noteworthy names in the field of Neuro Surgery who has penned over 45 books in his career span. In this book, he dissects the problems related to contemporary society and offers holistic advice for dealing with various experiences and choices made in mundane life.

Today’s youth is a storehouse of talent. They are smart, intelligent and hone the credence to achieve excellence in life as well as earn more money. Additionally, they are independent who thrive in creating their own name, earn wealth and build property. However, in this run for instant benefits and pursuit of huge pay packets, often make them neglect their physical and mental health. All this later on cumulates into lack of peace of mind.

This book throws light on these very aspects and elucidates the methods of maintaining balance. The author in the book touches through the minute details of how to build effective character, manage relationships, develop courage and leadership. Throughout the book, he emphasizes the importance of truth, compassion, love, honesty, interdependence, effective communication as well as rendering attention to the health of both mind and body. Certainly, this book can be called as a one-stop teaching guide by Prof P.S. Ramani for today’s youth which plays an instrumental role n leading the young generation towards a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

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