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    36 Years NEET Physics, Chemistry & Biology Previous Solved Papers PSP
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Best Entrance Exam 2023-2024 Preparation Books, Notes, Test Series, Question Paper Sets & Other Study Materials by Target Publications

Welcome to Target Publications’ destination for entrance exam books, where you will find all kinds of competitive exam preparation books for MHT-CET, NEET (UG), JEE (Main) and Maharashtra State Competitive Exams.


Entrance exams are the gateway to your dream institute. But in India, they are also highly competitive. That’s why you need the best resources to help you navigate through the preparatory phase and sail through the exams. They are your guide, covering the syllabus, providing practice questions and offering valuable insights into exam patterns.

Entrance Exam Books by Target Publications: Paving a Smooth Road to Success

At Target Publications, we have a 17-year-old track record of providing top-notch study materials for various Indian entrance exams, ensuring students have the best resources at their disposal. Our in-house team of authors are experienced educators who understand that success in entrance exams is the key to your dreams, and are here to help you unlock your potential.

1. MHT-CET Entrance Exam Preparation Books

In 2006, Target Publications started with the first dedicated reference books for MHT-CET. With seventeen years of experience now, our team has perfected the craft of creating quality MHT-CET exam books, earning the trust of students, educators and parents alike. Each one of our MHT-CET books is periodically updated according to the latest syllabus and are revised according to the latest exam paper pattern.


From understanding concepts to taking mock tests, our vast range of MHT-CET books will help you in every level of preparation for the competitive exam.

a. MHT-CET Triumph Series Reference Books for MHT-CET 2024

The MHT-CET Triumph series is an all-in-one reference book for MHT-CET. It has quick notes for last-minute revision, ample practice multiple-choice questions (MCQs), answer keys with detailed solutions for tough questions, and MHT-CET previous years’ questions (PYQs). The books are also packed with performance-boosting tips and tricks.


The MHT-CET Triumph series is available for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. You can pick from the MHT-CET Triumph series based on the Std. XI syllabus, the Triumph series based on the Std. XII syllabus or the Triumph Series based on the Std. XI and XII combined syllabi.

b. MHT-CET Test Series for MHT-CET 2024

Once you have learned how to solve various question types, it’s time to improve your test-taking skills with the MHT-CET Test Series for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Each book has 3 levels of tests—Topic Tests, Revision Tests and Model Tests—to progressively improve your problem-solving skills. A perfect mix of conceptual and challenging MCQs are covered throughout all the tests. Inside, you will also find the answer key to every test so you can track your progress.

c. MHT-CET 21 Model Question Papers for MHT-CET 2024

Perform three times better in the MHT-CET entrance exam when you practise with MHT-CET 21 Model Question Papers PCM and MHT-CET 21 Model Question Papers PCB. The books come complete with solutions as well as score-booster study techniques. With 3 solved previous years’ question papers, these books will have you 100% ready for the MHT-CET exam.

d. MHT-CET 2023 Solved Papers

Access the solved papers for all 12 shifts of the 2023 MHT-CET in Target’s MHT-CET PCM Solved Papers 2023 and MHT-CET PCB Solved Papers 2023. But that’s not all. Get never-seen-before insights through the statistical analysis of all twelve shifts. Also, decode the most important topics with the chapter-wise analysis.

e. MHT-CET 20 Model Question Paper Set

If you are searching for a book that has 20 MHT-CET model question papers that cover Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology, then Target’s MHT-CET 20 Model Question Paper Set is just what you need. It comes with Solutions for self-evaluation.


Ready for the MHT-CET exam? Take our MHT-CET Online Test Series to see where you stand.

2. Best JEE Main/NEET Exam Preparation Books by Target Publications

Get set to compete with the nation’s best with our JEE Mains books and NEET entrance exam books. Whether you need revision notes or time-saving tips to help you stay ahead of the rest, you can find it all here.

a. Absolute Series Reference Books for 2024 JEE (Main) and NEET (UG)

The Absolute Series is designed to help you kick-start your preparation for both, JEE (Main) and NEET (UG). It comprises comprehensive entrance exam preparation books for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. All titles are based on the latest NCERT, JEE and NEET syllabus. Inside each book, you will find revision/reference notes, concept videos, subtopic-wise MCQs with answers, JEE/NEET PYQs, hacks and more!


Physics Chemistry Mathematics Biology
Physics – I Chemistry – I (1.1) Mathematics I Biology – I
Chemistry – I (1.2)
Physics – II Chemistry – II (2.1) Mathematics II Biology – II
Chemistry – II (2.2)


b. Challenger Series Reference Books for 2024 JEE (Main) and NEET (UG)

Our Challenger Series is a set of best books for JEE (Mains)/NEET for candidates who are ready to ‘challenge’ their entrance exam preparation. It is packed with challenging questions that, if you can solve, will set you apart from the rest. In addition to the questions of different difficulty levels, you also get previous years’ questions and smart study techniques in each book.


Physics Chemistry Mathematics Biology
Physics – I Chemistry – I Mathematics I Biology – I
Physics – II Chemistry – II Mathematics II Biology – II


c. JEE Numerical Value Type Questions (NVT)

Numerical value type questions (NVT) account for a third of the scores in each subject of the JEE Main exam. Needless to say, it’s crucial to get enough practice solving NVT questions. Thus, Target presents the JEE (Main) Numerical Value Type Questions (NVT) book. With more than 500 NVT questions in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, it is the ultimate numerical value type question practice book for the JEE (Main) exam.


Take the ultimate test to assess your readiness for the JEE (Mains) exam. Try the JEE (Mains) Online Test Series.

d. Previous 11 Years NEET Solved Papers with Solutions (PYQ)

Sixteen full-length previous years’ NEET papers spanning across eleven years. If that doesn’t sound like you hit the jackpot, then you're missing out on a goldmine of insights into the evolving trends of the NEET exam. Answer keys, solutions and page references to the NCERT textbook are the cherry on top in the Previous 11 Years NEET Solved Papers with Solutions.

e. NEET Previous Solved Papers (PSP)

Containing a whopping 1800+ AIPMT/NEET multiple-choice questions (MCQs), this comprehensive compilation serves as an invaluable question-and-answer resource for anyone aspiring to enter the medical field.


f. NEET Test Series

Target Publications NEET-UG Test Series offers an assortment of MCQs in the form of Topic Tests, Revision Tests and Model Test Papers. With each test, it progressively improves your confidence and problem-solving abilities.


This title comprises 11 full-length question papers with solutions as per the latest NEET (UG) paper pattern.

Ready for the NEET UG 2024 exam? Take our NEET (UG) Online Test Series to find out.

3. CUET Entrance Exam Books

a. CUET (UG) Notes

If you're on the lookout for excellent CUET (UG) entrance exam books that not only break down the theory but also provide plenty of practice through(MCQs), look no further than our CUET (UG) Notes. They are also designed with tips and tricks to give you that extra edge.


b. CUET (UG) Practice Paper Sets

Mastering the CUET exam is a breeze when you solve practice papers. This method not only enhances your accuracy but also amps up your speed in tackling CUET questions. Target Publications has got you covered with our CUET (UG) Practice Paper Sets. They are MCQ books aligned according to the latest CUET (UG) exam paper set by the NTA. We offer books catering to all three sections: Language, Domain (Science and Commerce) and General Test.


4. Maharashtra State Competitive Exam Guides: Spardha Pariksha

Our books for Spardha Pariksha aim to provide candidates with a comprehensive platform for enhancing their knowledge for various Maharashtra state competitive exams. They not only explain concepts in simple language but also include past papers and bonus questions.


Choose Target, Choose Excellence

  • Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned educators turned authors
  • Student-oriented, exam-focused preparation materials with quality content
  • Access expert tips and tricks
  • Get previous years’ papers fully solved

Your Success is Our Inspiration

Our commitment to your success is what drives us. We understand the challenges of exam preparation, and we're here to make your journey smoother.

FAQs About Entrance Exams 2023-2024

Yes, these entrance exam books cover the entire syllabus of the respective exams.

6-8 months before the exam: Start by reviewing the syllabus, perusing previous years’ papers and familiarising yourself with the different types of questions that will be on the exam. Begin working through the practice questions in the books, focusing on the areas where you are weakest.

4-6 months before the exam: Start taking timed practice exams under realistic conditions. This will help you to improve your time management skills and identify any areas where you need more practice.

2-4 months before the exam: Focus on reviewing your mistakes and practising the most difficult types of questions.

1-2 months before the exam: Take as many mock tests as possible and review your mistakes.

Preparing for entrance exams in 2023-24 requires a systematic and effective approach. Here are some tips to help you with your preparation:

  • Focus on understanding concepts. Don’t be shy to clear your doubts with your professors. Videos will also be of great help.
  • Start preparing early and stay consistent.
  • Choose only the best study materials to prepare with, preferably ones with time- saving tips and tricks.
  • Always always always find time to solve previous years’ papers. Click here for free PYQs.
  • Solve as many mock tests as possible to build speed, accuracy and confidence.
While entrance exam books are a valuable resource for preparation, relying solely on them may not provide a comprehensive and well-rounded approach.

To effectively utilise entrance exam books, start by thoroughly understanding the exam syllabus. Create a realistic study schedule with specific goals for each session.

Actively engage with the material by taking notes, highlighting key points and practising problem-solving regularly. Periodically review and revise the covered content, addressing any weak areas. Solve model tests to simulate exam conditions and improve time management. Take advantage of the tips, tricks, quick revision tools and smart study techniques provided. By combining active reading, regular practice and a well-rounded approach, you augment your preparation, thereby increasing your chances of performing well in entrance exams.