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Career Margdarshak ( करिअर मार्गदर्शक ) | Career Guidance Book for Students in Marathi | Includes Information on 66 Different Career Options

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This book is available in paperback print format only. Download the sample content for reference of the structure and subject matter in the book.


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Career Margdarshak

Every year a question plagues the minds of students who graduate from High School or Junior College. This question is, ‘What should I do after 10th or 12th?’ In addition to this question running amok in their minds, another factor that adds to the confusion is ‘information overload’. Today, we live and breathe in the information age, where all knowledge is at our fingertips, quite literally.

Target Publications’ Career Margadarshak begins with an all-embracing introduction to the process of choosing career and how the right career can benefit you immensely.Our book is divided into 66 different career paths to make it easier for students to understand and choose from. 

We have also provided QR codes at various touch points in the book, which can be scanned by students. One very unique feature of this handbook is that it equips students with a firsthand retelling of the successful journey of 39 individuals in their respective fields by scanning these QR codes. These videos testimonials of various esteemed professionals give students an opportunity to understand a career, its scope and the various ways in which they can grow within it.

Nowadays, almost anyone with an access to a P.C. and an active internet connection can conduct detailed research of their own. Similar is the case with students who wish to find out more about a particular career that they have chosen. Quite a number of hurdles are encountered throughout the course of this career selection process. While there exists a multitude of websites that give information about various career paths, but none of them do so in a proper, organised format. At the same time, there is no possible way to know, how many careers have become obsolete in today’s day and age and how many careers are lucrative enough to pursue.

All of this results into a considerable amount of discontentment among students and makes them either choose one of the commonly known options, or choose an entirely unknown career. The team at Target Publications aimed to compile a systematically organised, extensive career guidance handbook to immensely help students. This compilation was brought about to not just serve students, but also to help parents; teachers and career guidance counsellors understand all the options out there. 

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