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What Every Indian Should Know Before Investing

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What Every Indian Should Know Before Investing Book

'It’s not how much you earn but how well you invest that makes one rich.'

As goes the saying, thoughtful wealth management makes an essential ingredient for a better life in the present-day society. Apart from securing the present, it also ensures to create a fruitful future for tomorrow. Thus, this calls for a disciplined approach towards planning investment, savings and its management which often happen to be the building blocks in creating wealth.

Furthermore, it’s often the lack of knowledge of the investment options which is available, its features, merits, and demerits which blocks one in taking proper investment decisions. Gaining an insight into the ecology of investment followed by its working puts across a potential platform for taking appropriate decisions.

‘What every Indian should know before investing’ is a book on investment which makes a great read for those who are enticed in exploring the investment options available in the market. Written by Vinod Pottiyal, this investing book provides a bank of knowledge to readers on how to manage their investments in a better manner and what to look out for before venturing into one.  The author himself who was persuaded by the questions asked by his sister during a discussion found it lucrative to pen down his ideas and knowledge surrounding investment to build in the confidence to explore the arena even further.

This intelligent investing book is a wonderful tool for people of all ages who want to be in control of their financial life and create a secure stable future.

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