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Shreemat Daasbodh by Samarth Raamdaas Swami (English Version)

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Shreemat Daasbodh by Samarth Raamdaas Swami (English Version) 

'Shreemat Daasbodh' is a 17th century Advaita Vedanta spiritual text which was orally narrated by the renowned Saint Samarth Raamdaas to his disciple Kalyan Swami.  The narrative is believed to have taken place in a cave called Shivatharghal’ located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. The book was first written in the year 1654 by Saint Ramdaas in the local Marathi language. The English version of the book is translated by Capt. Dr. Anand Jayaram Bodas. This book offers the readers a platform to seek answers to questions related to life and find solutions to it.

The book provides readers spiritual guidance on varied matters such as devotion and appropriate ways of acquiring knowledge. It is a comprehensive volume of verses presented in the format of a conversation between a Guru and disciple. Apart from providing spiritual guidance, the book also supervises spiritual practitioners by offering varied details such as ways to manage life, qualities of a leader, how to write, what are the properties of the soul, characteristics of spirit and nature, etc.

Saint Samarth Raamdaas Swami is a noted Brahmin saint from the 17th century and a noteworthy spiritual poet of Maharashtra. He was a devotee of Lord Ram and Hanuman. He is considered one of the best ‘Management Gurus’ of that era after ‘Chanakya’ who offered guidance to disciples in finding the correct path. Shree Samarth has produced volumes of output. These include a condensed version of 'Dasbodha', 'Sunderkand' and 'Yuddakand' from the epic Ramayana, many Owis and Abhangas, 'Atmaram', 'Panchamasi' and many unpublished works.

The objective of this book is to introduce and acquaint readers with spiritual knowledge, thereby help them in seeking answers to various esoteric concepts of the universe such as Soul and God.

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