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Kids Poem and Story books (Combo of 3 books viz. The Zoo Around You, On The Wild Side and Sangla)

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Kids Poem and Story books (Combo of 3 books viz. The Zoo Around You, On The Wild Side and Sangla)

Man and nature are two indispensable entities who cannot sustain without each other. However, with growing wants and greed of humans, the environment is moving towards destruction. Kids Poem and Storybooks combo is a set of inspiring collection authored by Katie Bagli who is a passionate children’s book writer who is renowned for her love for nature and animals. She has authored numerous books that clearly depicts her love for nature. Each book is conceptualized with the view of building awareness in the minds of children about the environment.

The Kids Poem and Story Books combo comprises of the following books:

The Zoo Around You is a poetry book for children wherein the author has attempted to enthrall kids and adults by opening a new avenue on how we view insects and birds around us.  The book is co-authored by Medha S. Rajadhyaksha. The concept of a zoo around you is quite novel with the additional illustrations and the Zentagle art forms adding to the beauty of the book. For instance, there are poems which talk about the zoo in the room, kitchen, classroom, garden, windowsill and the zoo itself. Each poem has been penned down with children and their highly impressionable minds at the center. Through the book, the author has tried to instate in the minds of kids the awareness of the environment around them and aid children in becoming more conscious and sensitive towards the creatures in their vicinity.

On the Wild Side is a blithe collection of poems that are in tune with nature. For example - Would you consider a wasp cruel because she paralyzes a spider with venom, so that her young ones may feast on it? Did you know that hermit crabs have an ingenious way of finding shells one size bigger when they outgrow their old shells? This book is filled with many such thought-provoking verses in the poems that highlight the shocking and amusing ways nature works. Dive into this garden of Eden not just to share Katie's love for animals, but also to walk through silk cotton like trees in the forest. Readers are in for a jovial ride full of amusing terrestrial, aquatic and aerial animals.

Sangla, a valley of strange happenings is an environmentally inspiring story of a four-year-old girl named Tara. She was brought up in Mumbai but feels deeply bonded with Sangla Valley as it is her birthplace. Sangla is a town situated in the Baspa Valley region of Himachal Pradesh. Tara and her father come across very disturbing news about their serene hometown. Some of the villagers have turned greedy and have begun to cut down the majestic Deodar trees. In her own little way, she embarks on a courageous journey with her father to campaign against the felling of these trees. What ensues is a tale of rich environmental culture and the pressing need of its preservation.

The author of these books is known for her love of landscapes and animals. Through her writing, she strives to bring about awareness and sensitize young minds with regards to the environment. Her love for nature is clearly depicted through the delightful stories and poems.

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