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Cursive Alphabet Practice Book B (Capital and Small Letters with Intensive Practice Space)

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Cursive Alphabet Practice Book B (Capital and Small Letters with Intensive Practice Space)

Throughout our school life, cursive writing is considered to be the best form of handwriting. Students are persuaded to hone their skills in writing in cursive, a skill which is achieved after putting in great amount of practice. However, kids are infamous for disliking anything that they have to do repeatedly. This is why parents and teachers alike are always on the lookout for new and engaging practice books to help their tiny tots perfect their Abcs. Target Publications' ‘Nurture Cursive Writing Practice Book Capital and Small Letters Part B’ is a cursive writing for kids book designed with the view of instilling the practice for writing in kids from a young age.

The salient features for Cursive Alphabet Practice Book B are as follows:

1. Extensive coverage of cursive alphabet practice for capital and small letters from A to Z
2. Uniquely created font to aid easy writing practice for kids
3. The books include comical illustrations and two distinct examples for each letter to pique student interest
4. Includes intensive practice space to ease learning
5. The book ends with worksheets for kids to assess their skills

This book has been designed after many brainstorming sessions, to suit all the needs of a child perfectly and hone their cursive writing skills. We are sure that children would enjoy themselves while tracing and writing the letters and engrave the same into their memory.

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